• Bicycle

    I was travelling as fast as a car,
    Hearing the sweet voice of birds,
    Smelling the beautiful smell of roses,
    I was eating my fries the thick potato fried with salt in it,... more »

  • I'Am Black

    Everyone teases me that I'am black,
    But my friends support me that I'am not that black, because of my uglyness,
    Everyone hates me and I can't participate in contests, I hate my self a bit but I'am glad that I'am black at least,
    I, ve good friends and god has created me,... more »

  • Yellow

    Yawning a soon as birds start to sing
    Eggs are fried as soon as I command
    Light is always around me as soon as sun rises
    Lonely is my life as soon as my fellow goes back... more »