I was born in Bergen County and I still live here.I wrote the poem 'Live Your Life' when I was 13 years old. when I was fifteen or so I wrote the Poem called 'The Flood From Love'
I was introduced to poetry in Catholic School where we had poetry contests and Three people from a class recited a poem in front of an audience on stage.
I was picked to recite the poem called 'Forgiven' by A.A Milne about a nanny letting out a child's beetle.
I love the poem called Eletelephony by Eleanor Richards
which I learned about in fifth grade.

I am the fifth child out of seven.
I have three brothers and three sisters.
some of my poems were written when I was a teenager.
I have 4 nieces and 8 nephews.
I love being a good aunt.
I work as a cashier at Tj Maxx.


Meg Harrison Poems

When I Am Alone

When I am alone
There is something in the air blowing in the wind
It makes me want to hold a shell in my hand
So I can hear the ocean waves in my ear and... more »

Earth's Motions

I can see the wind blowing the leaves all around
And I hear the leaves blow in the wind to the ground... more »

A Rainbow

The beautiful colors came from heaven.
This is God's palette used to create the world.
The magic painted the water, sky and trees.
Magic also used for animals which came first after these.... more »

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