• A Doll's Life

    You think I am a strong woman?
    I’m not.
    I’m like the willowy tree in the backyard.
    I’m like the thin piece of glass in the window.... more »

  • A Love Song

    Sitting here typing on this board
    I wonder where you are
    What you are doing
    How you are getting along with your life.... more »

  • Across The Way

    Across the way,
    Past the tall grass and rusted swingset
    There is a house that is on the verge of collapse
    And inside there is a poor girl... more »

  • Adieu Is Such A Sweet Word

    It's been a cruel, cruel day
    Time has taken me in her sweet arms
    And thrown me into the mud
    Kicking me into the dir... more »

  • Backwater Baby

    Down past Possum Road
    Up towards the crumbling town
    You'll find a house with a little lady
    Down by the backwater... more »

  • Family Portrait

    I was there
    You didn't see me, but I was there
    I watched
    I saw... more »

  • Forged (Boundaries #1)

    I forged the boundaries of my mind
    Then I threw away the key.... more »

  • God The Human

    To dip below the glowing horizon
    To rise about the smoke of Hell’s fury
    To circle the earth that we call home
    To bring power and joy to the masses below... more »

  • Happy Now

    Down, down the deep hole.
    Where it stops?
    Nobody knows.
    It is like someone stole... more »

  • Lately

    Lately I've been wondering
    Will things every be the same
    Since you've left me here alone
    It's certainly a shame... more »

  • Little Lady

    My dog barks, makes me happy.
    It makes me forget about my life.
    How everything is far from good, it’s chappy.
    Like a double-edged knife.... more »

  • Poetry People

    Black berets
    Apples, skulls, quills.
    Such are the items of the craft.
    Emotional, powerful.... more »

  • Rage (Boundaries #3)

    I rage, pound, try to flee,
    Try to get away from the own jail I created.
    It's more trouble than it's worth.
    I fear there is no point.... more »

  • Seventh Avenue

    Things are different on the other side of the street.
    People love, people hate,
    People take things with a grain of salt just as easily.
    It's funny.... more »

  • Take Me Away

    As I sit here and wonder
    What my life could have been
    I wait for you to come
    And take me away... more »

  • The Ever Lasting Remnant

    On dusky shores, it flows onto the sand,
    But not in a form you may understand.
    Bound with water, twisting with waves,
    It isn’t clearly visible, and it never seems to behave.... more »

  • The Rain Maker

    Dull clouds shade the bright stars in the sky
    Bring rain to fuel my desire.
    Bring rain to feed the masses.
    Bring rain to make the world green and lively... more »

  • The Sky Is Falling

    The sky drops down on my shoulders,
    White clouds press against my ragged body,
    Crushing me under the weight of a million souls.
    I push hard against it, but there is no use.... more »

  • The Teacher

    I’ll get over my boredom soon. The teacher drones,
    Always boring.
    She keeps talking,
    But I’m not listening.... more »

  • The Window

    You look at me through the window
    And I wonder why you're there.
    I see you looking back at me
    And all I do is stare.... more »

  • Trapped (Boundaries #2)

    I've been watching and waiting for years,
    Wondering when the time will come.
    I'm trapped in my own mind, hidden away,
    Lost and forgotten.... more »

  • White

    As I sit here waiting
    On this street of silence
    I look up for absolution
    But it isn't there.... more »

  • Yellow Rose

    Pretty little flower sitting on a hill,
    Shining down the slopes
    With beauty beyond it's days.
    Bird cry out with shrill... more »