• Change

    they say people change
    and things get better
    but i dont know about you
    if you've changed for the better or the wrost... more »

  • Do You

    do you like to see me cry
    do you like to see me hurting
    do you like me this way
    cause thats what you make it seem lik... more »

  • Everything

    everything will be fine
    i'll just fake a smile
    it's not like you can tell if im hurting anyway
    you walk in and out of my life... more »

  • I Love You

    I love you
    3 little words
    how can they mean so much to me
    why do i believe you when you say it... more »

  • If I Died

    if i died
    would you miss me
    would you want me back
    or would you be glad... more »

  • I'M Not

    I'm not hott
    I'm not skinny
    I'm not miss big boobed nice ass girl
    I'm not smart... more »

  • I'M Sick

    im sick of feeling this way
    i hate pain
    but it never goes away
    i wish someone could so... more »

  • Lie

    did you lie

    everytime you said i love you... more »

  • Love?

    love shouldnt hurt
    so why does it
    when you get so close to someone
    and you feel safe around them... more »

  • Me

    i fake a smile
    i say im fine when its not
    i say i wont but i really know i will
    i said i love you and you just walked away... more »

  • Mom

    im not perfect
    so dont point out what i've done wrong
    i love you
    so stop telling me i dont... more »

  • My Heart Is Yours

    your my everything
    my heart is yours
    it goes up and down all the time
    and i cant help it... more »

  • No One

    no one cares
    no one loves me
    cause if they did they wouldnt treat me this way
    i could scream... more »

  • Someone

    will you help me
    will you really listen
    will you be there for me when i really need you
    cause people say they will but they end up leaving... more »

  • Why

    why do i have to fake a smile
    why do i have to act like everthings fine when its not... more »

  • You

    my pain is to much to hide
    i need help
    but no one's there
    im thinking about commiting suicide... more »