Megan Loralee Seelye Biography

I first started writting when I was 12. I found that when I write, I lose myself in my characters and explore all new worlds. My writting is out of pure expression of my own heart. The stories I tell are the dreams of lives I would love to live, without boundaries or rules. I find inspiration in all things my family, friends, my pets past and present and most highly in the lord. I hope you will find that I have touched on my life lessons and experience in my work and would hope for you to gain only the best knowledge I can pass on. Take these lessons and strive with them. Remember, life isnt always what you take, it's what you give back that matters and judge a person by their appearance. Let me give you what I have in my heart, through the words on these pages. The 'Ode To Patsy' was to my first dog. Who, I had for 15 years. To this day it still causin me pain. And I wish to keep her memory alive as best a person can.