• Beautiful Soul

    [Intro: ]
    I don't want another pretty face
    I don't want just anyone to hold
    I don't want my love to go to waste... more »

  • Have You Ever Felt....

    Have you ever had the feeling
    of taking a knife to your arm.
    It might hurt but you will get
    used to it. ever feel like it?... more »

  • My Babygurls

    i am in love with them both
    Ray and jenea, its hard to pick
    which one to love the most,
    but the one i love the most... more »

  • My Love

    my love is jail
    my love is at home
    my love is at work
    my love is gone... more »

  • My Teacher

    the teacher talks
    the teacher thinks im listening
    the teacher is my friend
    the teacher it my worse nitemare... more »

  • Pain

    Have you ever been hurt so much
    you get sick from the pain? Thatz
    how i feel ever since i found out that
    he cheated on me the whole year we... more »

  • The Feelings From Pain

    I can feel the erge coming on.
    I can feel myself grab the knife.
    all i can feel now is the knife
    going into my arm.... more »

  • Who Am I?

    i am ur friend
    i am ur sister
    i am ur cousin
    i am ur teacher... more »