• Constriction

    I gaze around me
    And I see this man
    He's not a stranger to me
    Nor is he my enemy... more »

  • Freestyling

    Alone is what I'm prone to
    Being gone is what I'm use to
    Independence is what I'm grown on
    Nationality is what I'm shown on... more »

  • Metamorphisis

    I'm hanging from a tree and
    It's so hard for me to breathe.
    I'm clenching my teeth
    Trying to feel my feet.... more »

  • My Mistake

    Learn from your mistakes
    Is what I've always been told.
    No matter how many mistakes I've made,
    I always seem to repeat them.... more »

  • The Extent Of My Pain

    You've ended my reign
    With every piece of my heart you've cut
    With every bit of taste
    You taste my pain... more »

  • Theories

    I have a theory
    That one day we'll all be happy
    And have world peace
    That respect wouldn't just be a word... more »