Meggie Gultiano


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From the Desk of DR. PINTU MAHAKUL (Ph.D.) Mother Meggie (Title of the poem) Philippines name of the beautiful nation, Cebu City is very nice this life’s station. The relation of her with nation is so nice, Very cute this country ever offers all rice. Great poetess taking birth in lovable city, From mind she writes poems are so pretty. Meggie Gultiano Villamera mother she is, Some poems are life’s some are nice quiz. Every poem she writes is so worthy work, Each poem carries light, poem breaks murk. She writes poems on nature and also on life, Philosophy poems carry, she has no strife. Reading her poems pure joy gets a reader, With heavenly effort she is a poetic leader. Although mother she is also a nice friend, Friendship is eternal gift this has no end. She is also old friend of my poetess mom, At each moment I offer her emotion nom. May God bring fortune, may she live long, God is merciful he has made her so strong. © Pintu Mahakul,15 January 2017. All rights reserved. My Note: This poem is written as a tribute to our old poet friend poetess Madam Meggie Gultiano Villamera of Cebu City of country Philippines. This poem is written on date 15 January 2017, Sunday, in Brahmapur City of Odisha, India (Time: 3: 16 PM IST Time in India) and dedicated to the people of the world. This is a poetic feedback about poetess.
I read about your problem with logging in, etc... in '********** I AM SORRY PH FRIENDS.(NOT A POEM) ' I have had this problem recently as well but I found a way to bypass the issue. When you can't log in go to the url and add '1' after 'www' so that it becomes 'http: //'. Do this on the login screen. It should work (works for me) . Only problem about it is in you can't add/edit poems so go back to Hope I helped. -Cheng Zheng
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