• Daddy Dear

    daddy dear, please don't leave
    please don't make mommy cry
    daddy dear, please don't leave
    without you i think mommy would die... more »

  • Numb

    ... more »

  • Rain

    Rain beats against the window panes
    Skies shadow a dead beat world
    Stars fade with passing time
    Yet you stand here cold as stone.... more »

  • Summer Love

    take me to outer space, and we'll enjoy the ride
    let's be ignorant to the world, and the passing time
    lay with me under the stars, and count the days
    until we depart and then we'll meet again... more »

  • Wallowing In Commiseration

    He tries to save her from the monsters in her sleep
    The demons she can’t face
    The anguish that she breathes
    But the anger coursing through her veins... more »