• A Special Happy B'Day

    The deepest sense in my core
    Always throws out a roar
    That you are always the best
    And so different from the rest... more »

  • Life

    Curtains that surround you in mystery
    Often speak to you stating life is a story
    Mean it a king or an ace
    Life is a journey not a race... more »

  • Life Comes To Me As My Friend

    I was so mean
    In the beam of light, i would lean
    I couldn't feel the sunshine
    I could not even know my life line... more »

  • My Dad

    Clutching my life's gear
    Bubbling all my anxieties clear
    He was always with me
    Holding my arm n my knee... more »

  • Shades Of Sea

    To the elastic sky blue in color
    Reflects the sea, which often turns wild in terror
    By the shine that comes through the netted sun beam
    Leans out green salt icing the solid dome... more »

  • The Noisy Class

    The second we enter the class
    We are put in a race
    Oh! Solving problems
    Which won't stop, but come in random... more »

  • The Seashore

    The essence that covered the entire world
    Which feels to us so old

    The best place for a kid to play... more »