• Colourr

    Continous hate covers to the Earth;
    Owl eyed evils drink pOur lifes.
    Lines of wictims are lined in front of our eyes;
    Orphan of orphan child begs for a hand.... more »

  • Death

    DEATH! DEATH! Terror of the life knocks to the door;
    Echos of screams starts to be heared.
    An abondened life, a tearful lover,
    Through to after here, a Lone soul;... more »

  • Earthquake

    Time; 03,02 on 17 Augost
    I'm tipsy; lying in the bed.
    Land broke, my world rocked.
    For a moment;... more »

  • Farewell

    Whenever growing night,
    Gloom coming down to my heart.
    You aren't with me yet again.
    I look to stars, to moon.... more »

  • In Love And Alone

    Nowadays i have deep feelings
    Iceberg full of love in my heart
    Desired girl! Came now! Not to be so late
    Accept! My soul is other half of yours... more »

  • Love Of Your Life

    My child.My little child.
    You are pure as much as flowing waters.
    You are clear and old enough to love.
    If you dont find love of your life,... more »

  • Night Made Of Ice

    Night made of ice.
    Centre of the darkness.
    Being abondened, being misleaded,
    Being left solitude.... more »

  • Once Upon A Times

    Once upon a times,
    I don' remember when it was.
    Being screamed, being cried,
    Being sung songs of death.... more »

  • Poet Of Darkness

    Primitire feelings confuse us,
    Owing to the passion, lust.
    Enemy which is in the heart,
    Try to tunnel on the life.... more »

  • St.Valentine's Day

    ST.VALENTINE'S DAY; day of lovers.
    The lover show theirs loves with flowers.

    Vigorous love conquers to the stone hearts.... more »

  • Warrious

    Hey! WORLD.
    Do you belive untrue stories.
    Do u still belive, what Turkish's enemies have said.
    We are said to be wild.... more »

  • Wish

    This body which had ruined at grief island;
    Have been startled under the darknest night,
    Have lied on the stone which is impossible cold,
    Have thought love fire which is ticklest.... more »