• Clichéd Plays

    Don't lose yourself while trying to be
    Something that others want to see.

    Don't turn their goal... more »

  • Cold Fever

    It feels as though
    This time is cold
    Despite the heat
    Of summertime.... more »

  • Court

    You tripped out of your car
    You rolled across the road
    Didn’t know what your eyes could see
    Your balance let you free.... more »

  • Dark Monsoons

    Your tears became chameleons
    When you walked through the rain
    The clouds were evil shades of grey
    You couldn’t find a train.... more »

  • Dark Rays

    These last few times,
    Have been dark,
    Like a seed in black soil,
    Emerging into bark.... more »

  • Deaf Gunpowder

    Come on soldier.
    Get off of your battlefield
    Let me take you to a place... more »

  • Decayed Curls Of Air

    People cough as they walk by the street
    Because of the smoke that fills this heat
    These decayed curls of air
    Fill the air we breathe... more »

  • Dirty

    She lies on the ground
    Scratches it to see
    She is no longer human
    What could she be?... more »

  • Disappointing Happiness

    There is nothing wrong
    With my life,
    But then again,
    Not much is right.... more »

  • Displacement Reaction

    Thoughts wander in a desert
    Rain give them meaning and peace
    But sometimes
    Deserts flood by rain.... more »

  • Double Vision

    It is with these eyes
    That I have seen you.

    It is with these hands... more »

  • Drowning In Thirst

    My clouds keep getting heavier
    Please tell me if they’re clouds
    Or just mist floating by
    What lies in those clouds... more »

  • Electroplate

    She electroplated silver
    She electroplated gold
    Metals covering lies
    Truths striving to unfold.... more »

  • Empty Vessels

    She cuts him open
    But does not see
    He bleeds he bleeds.... more »

  • Empty Waiting Line

    Red and blue spots
    Fill the spaces my eyes see
    My neck is sore
    From protracting in different axes.... more »

  • Evanescence

    This is not an act of martyrdom
    Nor a demonstration of grace
    This is merely to express a truth
    That you deserve to face.... more »

  • Find Her If You Can

    Look both ways before crossing her street
    Because she cannot be seen if you seek her with your feet

    She cannot be seen... more »

  • Fire Fighters

    God ignites fire
    He ignites fire everywhere free
    The flames spread wild
    Planting flowers jading we.... more »

  • Glow In The Dark

    Tangled cobwebs of wires
    Through which
    My impulses beat in electric blood
    From mobile plugs.... more »

  • Graph Paper

    She tried to draw lines
    She tried to draw curves
    She tried to intersect
    But no line could draw her.... more »

  • Gravity

    She falls
    Like a mountain slipping from the sea
    She’s desolate
    Yet she believes.... more »

  • Hard To Say Goodbye

    Talking to myself
    I don’t know what to say
    I don’t know myself
    I don’t know anyone else.... more »

  • Hearing Aid

    In the dark starless night
    The street lights smoke and burn
    I still see a star
    And it’s blinding.... more »

  • Hero

    Looking down at possibilities
    From the edge of a terrace
    Lost in balance and decision.... more »

  • Hesitant Tailor

    You hold
    The torn pieces
    Of my heart
    Close,... more »