• Still Knowing

    I’m caged up in bars made of fire,
    Left with an empty cup
    And one song that I admire
    My world is frozen... more »

  • Tear The Dress

    There she drowns in her blinding dress
    As she walks, it drags like minions
    Imitating her every move
    The truth dug with her stiletto shoes.... more »

  • Tell Me

    I wonder what lies behind those eyes
    Those eyes filled with terror
    Those eyes whose hands launch bombs through the skies.... more »

  • The Blame Game

    There was a place
    Where I could go
    Where windows would turn to sand
    And I would understand.... more »

  • The Cure

    Vapourise the venom you feel inside
    Don’t let it condense into tears conscience cries
    Venomous feelings only burn you dry
    With venomous feelings, your eye only tears venomous sighs.... more »

  • The Curve

    I’m in this place,
    So unfamiliar
    It’s not a dream,
    Because I’m not sleeping... more »

  • The Exorcist

    I feel a foreign soul
    In the heart of my body
    I need it to be executed
    It’s sabotaging what I want to be... more »

  • The Gardener

    The seeds you plant in your heart
    Grow into flowers and thorns
    Plant your seeds with good intentions
    So your intention is born... more »

  • The Gibbous Phase

    It's a poison that doesn't kill
    It's an elixir that won't fulfill.

    The stars turn into blind spots... more »

  • The Golden Tree

    She peeled off pieces of wood
    From her coffin and sawed
    She climbed out of her deathbed
    On her grave she spread out,... more »

  • The Half Opened Door

    I have lost the key to me heart
    Someone has stolen it

    Everyone’s twisted fingers are pointing at me... more »

  • The Key

    I want my head to be clear
    And filled with melodies
    Melodies of life
    And how peace I am inside.... more »

  • The Man

    The walls of his town
    Are composed with charcoal
    The artist draws
    When the day is dark... more »

  • Tomorrow Doesn’t Stay

    Don’t wait for tomorrow
    For today to begin
    Because tomorrow never comes
    Until you live for today... more »

  • Trampoline

    Sad.... more »

  • Treetop

    He climbed mountains
    He climbed trees
    He searched for something
    He could not see.... more »

  • Trust Blocked The Light

    I thought I knew;
    I thought I knew I could see,
    Trust that overshadowed,
    The person you could be.... more »

  • Truth Needs No Defence

    Here I stand with no arrows or shield
    With no one by my side
    To defend me
    Protect me... more »

  • Under Plastic

    People wear it to cover their chapped lips
    No beauty
    (People are hypocrites)... more »

  • Understand

    Hey sky?
    Please carry me in your breeze
    In this world my shoulders freeze.
    Hey sky?... more »

  • Unhygienic Glitter

    We’re born into this world unglittered
    We cry out innocence
    We don’t know how to crawl or walk
    Don’t know how to dance.... more »

  • Unthink

    I list the words
    To describe
    The dams in my mind.
    Yet, I do not find.... more »

  • Up

    Dear sky,
    Please let me be,
    The rain tonight.... more »

  • Vacuum Holes

    My mind is a conscious nightmare
    I am awake
    But cannot stop thinking
    My heart is an electric shovel... more »

  • Velcro Sounds

    These Velcro sounds
    They drive me astray
    My ear drums shake
    In helplessness... more »