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reality Is Life, But Life Is Not Real...

Words beaten out of the frozen mouth are never remembered.
Memories as lovely as the moment when all sunflowers spring out in summer luxury are always thrown back into our knowledge luggage.
Songs are never remembered for a lifetime but memorised for sometime.
Money never stays behind but the reputation and the name that you carry as your prestige always sits near your doorstep as a welcome mat until death.... more »

One Soul, One Unity

Families have held hands praying to God for the safety of the child who is to come.
The sun rises, flowers spring out, birds fly high echoing eternal notes of bliss, cormorants lay their silky feathers furled on shimmering waters and clouds cluster together in a frenzy;
God’s gift has just swayed down from heaven.
Every member crowds around the cradle singing lullabies to welcome Him.... more »

Love's Basic Requirements

The cormorants lay their silky feathers furled on the aqua blue horizon;
As they stroke their shining silk, throwing admirers into ecstasy, joyous chords are plucked in the calm yet still air.
Desires have set the horizon alight, similar to the way You shone the light of hope on our love.
You are my nourished rose shining in the bliss of sunlight;... more »

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