I'm young, i know.
Yes, I am only 16. But so what? Age doesn't make one a poet!
I enjoy rhyming, and my mind is constanly doing just that! I could type 50 poems in a day! Not joke.
I would never submit someone elses work, because I feel low. I like to think that I can accomplish by myself, not with the help of others.
One of my poems, that I will not give much info about, will doon be published in a book!
(Restriction do to theft and such)
I like to rhyme about life, it's troubles, and ramble about myself too xD.
Please read and comment my poems!


Mel Reyes Poems

Her Daughters Ghost

Her daughters ghost

The mother weeps
Tissues at her bedside... more »

Emo Tastic

Emo tastic

I'm emo tastic
I slit my wrists... more »

You Don'T Take Things For Granted, Others Do

you dont take things for granted
others do
-Melc... more »

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