• A Door Opens

    Doing what I want to do,
    it's something else.
    shuffle,... more »

  • A Piece Of Me

    I miss you
    I feel as though a part of me is missing
    and it is
    because you carry a piece of me with you... more »

  • A Twist Of The Knife

    a friendly gesture
    turns to a lovers touch... more »

  • Amber Light Memories

    guttering of the candle, the slightest warmth tickling my skin.
    Half shadow half amber light memories.
    shudder of flowing water
    nothing sound of my breathing... more »

  • Fleeting Safety

    wind tearing at the corners of the sounds.
    the pop and crackle of a fire.
    the earthy, homely and good smell of the land.
    the orderly rows of trees.... more »

  • For Your Children

    We live in a world of abuse.
    Substance abuse,
    Physical abuse,
    Mental abuse,... more »

  • Greatest Desire

    When you lie in bed at night
    what is the one thing you pray for?... more »

  • I Look To You

    The sun has hardly moved since I last saw you
    and already I feel as though a little piece of my heart has been lost to me with every minute that passes.
    I feel as though I am sitting in a dark bubble, which only you are able to lighten.... more »

  • I Remember The Last Words

    I remember the last words you ever said to me, to any one
    You said it was alright, I didn’t need to help you
    You would do it yourself.
    You said this with such kindness... more »

  • I Want To See The Bigger Picture

    I want to see the bigger picture.
    I want to walk among the clouds and
    dance along the milky way.
    I want to have tea with God and... more »

  • In This Moment

    The loud music with the heavy beat pulsates over our heads
    All the people around us are shouting, trying in vain to be heard
    The sound of laughter is the one sound audible above the music.
    But I am oblivious to all this; all I hear is you whispering in my ear.... more »

  • Inspirational Death

    Your death will inspire a thousand more.
    The flames of your funeral pyre will ignite those of your fallen comrades.... more »

  • My Home

    My country was one of hatred, isolation and division.
    Division by colour, division by language and division by beliefs.
    My country was one of violence, unfairness and cruelty.... more »

  • My Weakness

    My weakness is written in my skin,
    it runs through my body with my blood,
    attacking my being.... more »

  • Red The Colour Of

    the water from the shower is freezing, stopping the blood in my veins
    it won't do.
    i turn it to scalding to get the blood coursing along my body,
    perfect.... more »

  • Sacred Night

    Earth at my back
    the sky above me, a starry wake.
    A tree curling over me
    like a wave about to break.... more »

  • Spirit Girl

    A sprite of a girl bounds through the garden,
    laughing and squealing with happiness.
    The beauty of it all bubbles in your throat
    and your smile brightens the air,... more »

  • The Stars

    The stars are millions of pins
    in a black velvet pincushion.... more »

  • True Beauty

    I look at my love
    with her dark tendrils
    and her dark eyes.... more »

  • We Walked Home

    The bruised thunderhead clouds had sulked in the sky since dawn.
    The cold wind had played games with the leaves until they were whirled up into the sky and lost to us forever.... more »

  • Will You

    Will you laugh at my dirty jokes?
    Will you appreciate my masculine shoes?
    Will you watch sport with me?
    Will you scream at the referee with me?... more »

  • Would You Think

    Pale skin
    soft skin... more »