• A Mother Blinded By Love

    I'm a mother of a little girl who's an angel from above
    Her father was an aggressive man who I've always loved
    He hurt me over the 10 years being together
    But still I held on trying to make things better... more »

  • Do I Exist?

    I'm expressing how I feel
    As my eyes fills with tears.
    Why can't you look at me
    I'm standing right here.... more »

  • I'M Sorry But It's Just Me

    I've done all that you've asked of me
    And still you deny.
    That I've done something for you
    Saying that I lied.... more »

  • To The One Who Stole My Heart And Betrayed Me

    I came to you with a wounded heart
    You've taken it as it was torn apart
    You healed it and cared for this wounded girl
    Who's been tortured tormented in this cruel world... more »

  • Why Didn'T You Wait A While!

    ... more »

  • You'Re My Inspiration!

    I've been told so many time that I won't make it in life.
    Say I'm a worthless mother and especially a wife.
    At times I believed because my heart so cold.
    Always had a weakness for everything I was told.... more »