• Always There

    when the world
    around us
    seems to fade
    when all is dark... more »

  • Emotionally Disturbed

    emotionaly disturbed with whats happening to me
    im so numb to the feelings one should feel
    the pain has taken me away... more »

  • Fairytail

    the magic in the air
    the rain all around
    today was a fairytail... more »

  • I'M Not Holding On

    I'm not holding on
    i must say goodbye
    i must turn around
    and move on with my life... more »

  • Kisses From The Past

    Kisses are a way of showing emotion

    but are gone in a blink of an eye... more »

  • Love

    Love is unpredictiable
    where and when
    are questions yet to be answered
    only you... more »

  • Me Me Me

    my mouth
    my words
    my thoughts
    are all bad for me... more »

  • Moments

    There are several moments
    in a lifetime
    which one would like
    to hold on to... more »

  • Mothers Love

    when i was young
    love was something
    i could not wait to feel
    to see... more »

  • Names

    My name changes day to day
    who will i be today
    I have such a list
    i've lost my way... more »

  • Skies

    beneath the stary sky we lay
    staring up at what could be
    the romance in the air
    and the love we share... more »

  • The Art Of Life

    The art of life

    Art and play... more »

  • Those Feelings

    Love is..........

    two hearts beating in sync... more »