• All In A Night

    A river of emotion,
    Flows up from within.
    The sound of the voices.
    All around me, I hear them.... more »

  • Dry Roses

    A garden of dark, dried out roses.
    A gray sky crying, that just can't stop.
    'Soon things will get better, ' the fireflies sang.
    No matter how dry those roses are,... more »

  • Fire Inside Me

    There is a fire somewhere inside me,
    No one will ever blow out.

    A candle that will never die.... more »

  • Lollipops And Rainbows

    The world turns with bright sky above,
    green grass below,
    and everything around us.
    Where is perfection?... more »

  • Love Me Or Not

    The raindrops are falling from the sky.
    They leave a sorrow in my sole that I’m afraid will never die.
    Why did you have to leave me?
    It had been so long since you had held the key.... more »

  • Love?

    What is it?
    It it the way you hold me tight at night?
    When I look in your eyes they sparkle,
    but deep down inside, your falling apart.... more »

  • Superman

    Are you superman?
    You saved my life and you don't even know it.
    You saved me from termoil and hatred.
    But most of all, you saved me from me.... more »

  • The Narrow Road

    The road I walk is narrow.
    I feel like a lonely sparrow.
    I have no where to hide.
    All the memories collide.... more »

  • There Is A Place

    There's a place I want to go.
    A place I can be free and roam.
    Where it's just me and no one else.
    Where no one can touch me.... more »

  • Unnamed

    My tongue is tied.
    I have no words.
    I wish I could say what I need to.
    Where did all my thoughts go?... more »

  • Young Love

    A young love like no other,
    Waiting to bloom into something wonderful.
    When life gives us a chance,
    We'll reach for the highest blossom.... more »