MB Melissa Black

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1. you are unbelievably amazing! and beautiful : D 2. you have smile that lights up the world... and my heart. such a dear friend 3. you got the personality of a zebra fo sho cuz your so unique and no one knows if your black w white or white w black. i almost said purple. weird, i know.... 4. you is the one bffjklnmeo person i loveth lots and to thee i shall always be thither for thee. p.s. i kno i kno.... i am uber weird. but u love me and i love u! ! ! yay for love. p.s.s. i love ur poems too p.s.s.s. i know someone's brother who is like a jerk. and if u think, u'll kno who i mean p.s.p.s. toodles