• And You Thought I Wouldnt Sink This Low!

    in a fary tale that many know there was a cat and a fiddle... more »

  • Cheese

    cheese is good cheese is great

    i like to buy a hugecheese crate... more »

  • Did U Read My Poem?

    Read some of my work i dare u to;
    U might just learn a thing or 2:
    Weather happy or sad mad or glad i've made it for sure;
    A rose here tears there but it's not like many ask for more;... more »

  • I Have A Rock

    everybody is talkin bout rocks
    but no one wants to know about fred

    everybody is talkin bout rocks... more »

  • Mom's Christmas Gift

    it was christmas eve and i was excited
    my brother was happy but i was delighted... more »

  • My Personal River

    im all alone
    theres no one to fill this empty space
    im all alone
    no one to touch my face... more »

  • Nonflowing Veins

    forever here
    forever there
    forever no one will care... more »

  • Passionless Pain

    do you see my eyes they burn with a passionless furry
    the flames of our unrequited love ignite
    but the feelings i hold for you go on unreturned
    but i fight it off to love never again oh how i fight... more »

  • So I'M Not Like You

    so im different than you does that make a difference in our friendship
    so im different than you why does it matter
    when i look at you i dont see black and white i see your smile
    when i look at you i dont know what color you are i just see my friend... more »

  • Tainted Refuge

    in my dreams im lost in a sea
    of happiness and joy

    numb to the feelings of the outside... more »

  • Thanks For The Help

    your words cant comfort me
    the pain is just to deep
    but please please dont worry... more »

  • The Britest Rose

    A single rose so beautiful and true;
    A single rose can change you;
    Just a glimpse of this beautiful sight;
    May even give the darkest some light;... more »

  • The Green Monster

    he never hears me cry when were talking on the phone
    he never even lets me talk at all... more »

  • The Invisible Raven

    The words i put on paper is what i live with every day;
    Even though i write them down the feelings always seem to stay;
    The more and more i write them down the more and more i cry;
    I wish my pain had wings so i could make it all just fly;... more »

  • The Scars Ive Made

    they say im so beautiful thaey say that im the best;
    they even look strait in my eyes and tell me all the rest;
    they tell me everyone notices when i enter the room;
    but why do i feel invisible like they leave me to my doom;... more »

  • The Truth To Friendship

    they say that frienship always lasts;
    but i know theres no truth in that;
    when one friend gets things all mixed up;
    then u know you've got no luck;... more »

  • The World, Unfair

    When yuor day is going wrong they tell u to keep your head up;
    They dont know how sad u are they dont know your gonna erupt;
    Your feelin really down cause your friends are in trouble;
    Your friends have to leave u, your turning into rubble;... more »

  • This Is So Funny I Laughed While Writing It Lol

    he's been waiting for this his whole life...
    he's wanted her for a long time...... more »

  • Truly

    i want him!
    i need him!

    we're just friends... more »

  • We Can Still Be Friends

    he loves another girl
    he talks about her 2
    he never said those things
    never when he was with you... more »

  • Weakened Spirits

    she waits for your smile to love her
    but you never show up
    she waits and waits, spirit rised
    to tell you something important... more »

  • Why?

    does anybody care?
    does anyone want to know?
    does anybody see me?
    does anyone want to know me?... more »

  • Wow Even I'M Surpprised I Wrote It

    i hate my bro and i hate my sis.
    they're all stupid and they get me pissed... more »

  • You

    tears and blood surround me
    the memories that pass i dont want to see

    i cant forget you... more »

  • You Are Afraid

    you are afraid you pushed me over the edge
    you are afraid you made me cry... more »