• A River Of Hope

    That sweet little girl
    Glistens like a pearl
    She has Cancer
    In God lye's her answer... more »

  • Beauty In Me

    So, he is finally here
    I long to hold him near... more »

  • Dazed And Confused

    The journey called life, is one we all take every day
    All, searching for the same, each in a unique way
    We must fight for what is right, even when we are wrong
    We are creating our own story, inventing our own song... more »

  • Fire

    A burning fire
    Creates a flaming desire
    Like life itself
    We create our self... more »

  • Signs Of Defeat

    I'm lost in thought
    True sincerity cannot be sought
    Feeling broken hearted again
    In serious need of a friend... more »

  • Stream Of Tears

    I feel so blue,
    Where are you?
    I feel invisible, I do not exist
    my beating heart is in a twist... more »

  • Thanks Givng Cries

    Why must Americans, so bitterly say
    Thanks Giving is on its way?

    What does Thanks Giving mean to you?... more »