• ~the Ingenuity Of Humanity Is Astonishing To Me~

    [I’m of consenting age to be forgetting my life
    And forgetting how much you hurt me]

    I’m the starry night that clouds your day... more »

  • Am I?

    I am surrounded by the sweet summer breeze
    lost within the echoes of tomorrow... more »

  • Andrew

    How do you sit there?
    How do you cry?
    Is it something in the air?
    I can’t figure it out... more »

  • Beloved Friend

    Oh i hear your cries
    i know the winds may blow... more »

  • Bless Me

    Angels that fall
    when Michael casts them out
    they fall with no grace of angels
    but tumble from the sky above... more »

  • Can'T Love A Girl Like Me

    I'm gonna take this knife
    and end my life... more »

  • Deep Blue Knight

    Deep Blue Knight
    I want to jump into the ocean... more »

  • Don'T Let Me Go

    Too late tonight
    to see past the dark and see the light
    its too late to keep on going
    so I hand you off... more »

  • I'Ll Wish Upon A Star

    I'll wish that streams of boundless water flow
    across my aching soul and body
    I wish to feel the power
    in the tiniest flower... more »

  • Jump Off The Page

    I know Ive said too much,
    i know the night has grown old
    but I cant stop listening
    The storm has passed... more »

  • Just Give Me A Chance

    It's strange how I sit here and calculate
    nothing makes sense, nothing adds up
    everything is twisted I wonder if you relate
    can't find a meaning... more »

  • Leave Me A Rose

    On my shadowed doorstep
    there are paintings of the past
    shattered glass on the welcome mat
    and blood stained the wooden pane... more »

  • Life Is A Dance

    Dancing is my passion
    Living is my fashion
    As I dance to my own beat
    Sit in my own seat... more »

  • L-O-V-E

    Love is not a conquest
    Love is not a bid nor a contest... more »

  • Meet Again

    Though I have known you but a moment
    I feel the sinking of my doubt
    The beauty that arises
    when the sun shines down... more »

  • My Best Friend

    Sometimes I wish the tear in my eye
    Would just stop welling up and dry
    Have you no sight of the pain in my heart?
    Like a knife you slice thru... more »

  • My Pen

    What does the word mean?
    The seas inside the tyrant
    That stir, stir... more »

  • Never Ever Be The Same

    Listen to the birds
    they dont s\ing the hymn of joy
    they dont sing the hymn of tomorrow... more »

  • Obsession In Depression

    O beauty writhe not!
    Enter thickets fine and rich
    'Oh the walls of thine heart'
    Be patients and whisper now... more »

  • Our Dear Mother

    Our Dear Mother

    There’s a reason for every season
    A reason for the leaves... more »

  • Raining Tainted Blood

    On this day of darkened skies
    a withered hand soaks up the lies
    through writhing guilt and petrified fear
    i learn to listen with just one ear... more »

  • Shall I Sing?

    Shall i sing my darkest fears?
    the hollow tears,
    oh so painfully regretting
    ever falling from my eyes... more »

  • Sigh

    So many times
    I've joined the mimes
    A silent retreat into defeat
    suddenly surrendering into everything right... more »

  • Sometimes My Mind Wanders

    Sometimes my mind wanders far beyond the clouds;
    I think of today, I think of tomorrow I think of you
    I've been here, insincere, but hiding in the shrouds
    Sometimes I think of what in the world is true... more »

  • Upon My Pillow

    Upon my pillow
    I rest my solemn mind
    a triumph over the day
    defeat being so kind... more »