From a young age, poetry has been my art. It has been a way for me to paint out my mind with the words and the imagery I feel in my soul. Everything I write comes from my heart, and I mean it with every bit of my being. I hope others can view my work and feel the passion I lay out in my poems. In the future, I await to inscribe a collection of poetry to publish for just my entertainment, and maybe for anyone else willing to give it a chance. Thank you for visiting my page and enjoy!


Melissa Hennessy Poems

I Set Into The Sun

I sat down between a dirty mirror and a sapphire skyline.
I never thought I could feel this torn.
Above me, written in fresh red, I saw my destiny.
A physical realm. My oracle.... more »

The Leap

Bracing among the brave-eyed, shifting stance, I glance upon the trails of the walking dead.
Sockets empty, hollow and bare; feet brushing along the dirt path, laughing as they trip over exposed rocks.
I cock back a stiff neck, holding my face for the stench choked my watering mouth.
To feel this empathy is sudden and my nausea is running up my throat, wanting to expel my full gut.... more »

The Cactus

I’ll stroll past the Cactus,
The dessert is where I lay.
He is rooted to the floor,
But I stray away.... more »

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Jerry Hughes 11 Apr 2008 07:55
You're an amazingly perceptive writer for one so young Melissa. As an aside you're a stunning looking girl too, disproving the myth that brains and beauty don't correlate.