• A Bell: Forwarned

    Everything's safe and sound,

    so why don't you shut those soft lids and slither off to a once drifting-... more »

  • A Place To Call Home

    I'll wake up.
    This broken smile cracks the sky.
    In time, I'll feel alright,
    but tonight- I'm just alone.... more »

  • A Way To Die

    The cascade of carcasses
    Buried below the earth
    Lie alone
    Sleepless in a floral offering... more »

  • Bullets

    This eerie fashion
    Your hands around my neck
    You can't explain this time
    I think I'm out of line- but... more »

  • Dead- Forever.

    You know I love to lie here

    dead center in the road,... more »

  • Dear Mr. President

    We look up to the endless sky, so bright.
    The eyes of innocence is hung for now.
    Today's a perfect crowd to get it done.
    I wonder when the world got so loud.... more »

  • Decease

    Your skeletal frame is rusted
    with broken internal guts.
    How do you endure?... more »

  • Faith Bows At The Arms

    Faith bows at the arms, from the frost on my tongue,

    and the bright-burning flame in my lungs;... more »

  • Flight Of The Kites

    Are you listening in? Did you hear it?
    I'm waiting for your final view,
    my sweet one,
    running about the fall of the fruits from the trees we once believed to be our homes.... more »

  • Forget, Please?

    I can’t seem to forget all the tales you sung to me
    about the life you had led; from the end of your bed
    I tried my hardest not to feel a thing.
    On the docks we laughed at the sun,... more »

  • Gernade

    It’s been too long, yet it feels like a weight
    has evaporated from my chest, indicating another winter season.
    Everything She touches turns gray, so as your memory decaying from the back of my mind.
    The fog fades among the lit-smoked chimneys, wondering about the gravel from which I stand upon.... more »

  • Heroine

    Whats it to you to know who i really am? I'll just disappiont you clearly you wouldnt understand that I'm my own hero in this town and just cause your around doesn't change a thing.
    Though things did change and I regret I wasn't myself. I was a fake and no one could help me or cure me BUT me.
    Your words sicken me, and they are quite unclear and you being here doesnt change the fact that I lost it all. It was my dream! And my thoughts! But ALL your words! I can't live like you and I can't be you.
    I sat in silence and neglected my inner being cause what i'm seeing now is the real you; the darkside of you. I wanna feel but its so surreal how departed you are.... more »

  • Hypnotized

    Within the crowd, your blood points you out- a sharp edge about you.
    Oh so intrigued by attention.
    The span of your audience is wearing thin,
    so give it a... more »

  • I Set Into The Sun

    I sat down between a dirty mirror and a sapphire skyline.
    I never thought I could feel this torn.
    Above me, written in fresh red, I saw my destiny.
    A physical realm. My oracle.... more »

  • Legalize My High

    Feeling so alive just hours ago.

    I think it's time for another round from my favorite bowl.... more »

  • Life Of A Honey Bee

    Stop right here,
    we are breathing once again.
    I'll be the
    first... more »

  • Like A Vegan Wearing Flesh

    Tell me this is catastrophe bearing its ground;
    now don’t sweeten up the truth.
    Act like you want this.
    We’re all here for you.... more »

  • Mind

    Beautiful wonder stretches from your eyes
    You are my desire, my only desire
    I’m burning to be caught in your lies
    I’m longing to be in between your fire... more »

  • Morning Glow

    My eyes awake to a morning glow,

    bestow a lantern that guides me to your home.... more »

  • Ms. White, In The Library, With A Rope

    Straight from the pit she sits alone caked up in a skimpy gown found by the shadows swallowing her every move.

    Pucker your lips and reveal to me your deadly eyes from this disguise; you try so hard to be my desire.... more »

  • Reflection On An Empty Screen

    I brush back my heavy eyes,
    for the skies have broken into a vivid glow.
    I slowly pick up
    an empty cup... more »

  • Religious Authority

    Claim me to be the leaves on your hands, to understand the rise and fall of all these things that I’m beginning to bring to my senses.
    Life and death has no resurrect except the expectation of the liberation of power.
    I'll bite my tongue and chew my cheek to prolong your suffering to the extent of its peak and then wash the soil from your eyes and despise every word you speak.
    Is this evil or is this a lesson to profess and confess that I'm no guide to the afterlife, but within a lie there’s a reason to lead on such a story for glory and passion.... more »

  • Snakes

    Tell me what lies behind your lips;
    those snakes are dancing around your tounge.
    I know you taste it,
    I know your hear the songs they play.... more »

  • The Broken Glass

    Tracing the words not spoken so clearly
    Expressing this thought I mean so sincerely
    Closing time ends in fear
    My dreams are haunted when your not here... more »

  • The Cactus

    I’ll stroll past the Cactus,
    The dessert is where I lay.
    He is rooted to the floor,
    But I stray away.... more »