• The Depths Of Wells

    In your light I felt sincere, my dear
    To change who I was and make it better
    Though I fell in the deepest wells of the world
    I'd always have you... more »

  • The Famous

    There’s a stream of city by my window
    I dress to impress the carpet of roaches and the flash of my documentary

    And there’s a room with my name on the door... more »

  • The Leap

    Bracing among the brave-eyed, shifting stance, I glance upon the trails of the walking dead.
    Sockets empty, hollow and bare; feet brushing along the dirt path, laughing as they trip over exposed rocks.
    I cock back a stiff neck, holding my face for the stench choked my watering mouth.
    To feel this empathy is sudden and my nausea is running up my throat, wanting to expel my full gut.... more »

  • The Vase

    Roses don’t excite me anymore;
    I’ve seen each shade evermore.
    The pattern of life and love dangles around me each day.
    The sultry warmth of light fades to grey.... more »

  • War

    ... more »

  • Ward

    I am bound, locked into an empty cell
    Thrown over the edge into a secret well;
    Full of faces, hidden by obscurity,
    Locked inside, watched by security.... more »

  • Within The Galaxy

    So, I can’t sleep at night;
    The stars are singing your name.
    My stomach fills with adoration,
    and my lips won’t feel the same.... more »