• Κ α τ ο χ ή

    Come near,
    I long to savor
    your soul.... more »

  • Σ ύ μ φ ω ν ο

    Put on your black clothes,
    we're departing before daylight.
    No more pointless televisions shows,
    We'll board a ship that glows.... more »

  • A Bitter Recollection

    The lips of my eidolon
    barred its passion
    from my longing.... more »

  • A Bullet Away

    My safe haven,
    O sweet heaven,
    just a bullet away.... more »

  • A Criminal's End

    My neck,
    a victim of my bad deeds,
    will know no longer
    how it feels to swallow a last meal... more »

  • Abrasions And Devotion

    Before you raise your hand
    to bruise,
    implore that I exchange my frown.... more »

  • Amaranthine Aphrodisia

    My body suffers from an intense desire,
    so much appetence.
    To have your head buried between my thighs
    and your hands cupping my breasts and caressing my face... more »

  • Anger Of The Rejected

    O, Peniamina,
    my heart aches in vain.
    Grab your knife
    and remove this stubborn organ!... more »

  • Candy Machine

    Cold and sparkling is its shell,
    what a thrill to see
    the beauty within!... more »

  • Caressing The Sleeper

    Peniamina, dwelling in the land of dreams
    Keep still thine eyes
    And let mine observe without notice.... more »

  • Clubfoot

    I am the mourner
    sitting at the far table in the corner.

    My ears hear the rustling feet... more »

  • Damning He Who Damned Me

    Your eyes are no more the brown crystals
    where I found solace,
    they have turned shallow
    and I have yet to find sweet escape.... more »

  • Dedicated To Peniamina

    Why must you have been born in a foreign land,
    far from my lips?
    I love you so dearly from afar,
    your effortless and uninterested attitude... more »

  • Dejection Before Demise

    Stomp my feet
    as you walk on by.
    Feel free to put on a show
    and charge me for it.... more »

  • Desert Servitude

    My bare feet are scorched
    by the sands
    and his are unscathed.
    My bare body is kissed... more »

  • Devotional Lamentation

    Depart from me, nameless angel!
    Let me no longer loiter
    around Heaven's gates!... more »

  • Disgust For Adam's Sons

    My heart
    is without tolerance
    and mercy
    for Adam's sons.... more »

  • Don'T

    If your daily routine
    becomes too great to bare,
    then don't count on me
    to soothe the insanity.... more »

  • Electricity

    The pain,
    no longer a pus
    that can be extracted.... more »

  • Elegy

    The soil holds thee now.
    The tombstone now makes
    you an anonymous one.
    But, you remain alive in my... more »

  • Even On The 28th Day

    Even as my body is due to suffer,
    I still yearn for touch.
    As fresh blood flows,
    desire grows beyond recognition.... more »

  • Exalt

    My heart is your footstool
    My soul is your battlefield
    But can you claim me for anything?... more »

  • Exploration Of The Hidden Circle

    Bent forward and body bare,
    I gaze upon his hidden tightness,
    Its virginity so beautiful,
    Awaiting me to probe and lovingly tear.... more »

  • Faithful Consumer

    O how sweet 'Mina pours,
    milky white and my lungs drown from this downpour.

    'Mina feeds my greedy mouth,... more »

  • Fidelis Vernula

    He cast his heart into the sea
    and said, 'If you want my love,
    you must fish for my heart.'
    And I replied, 'I shall sacrifice... more »