• 6 Am Flight

    awful hour to
    be awake.
    But, alas,... more »

  • A Letter To God

    Dear God,
    I tried to talk to you in a different way.
    But I think the Christian Prayer Messaging
    Isn't working for me.... more »

  • A Lie For A Love

    All of it is a lie
    As I thought I loved you,
    Until all you did was make me cry.... more »

  • A Vision

    Itching to get out
    is a vision.
    a vision I see
    in every midnight's dream,... more »

  • About You, About Us

    I’m trying not to write about you, about us
    I’m drawing long, dark blanks,
    Like long dark hospital halls
    This is just a ramble... more »

  • All

    All of your lies,
    I hear.
    All of your games
    I see.... more »

  • Alzheimer's

    I knew she wasn't well,
    That forgettable 6 years ago.
    She would forget dates,
    And other minor things of that sort.... more »

  • And He's Taken

    He sees me and
    Oh, I see him.
    His eyes so intense
    And bright aqua sea;... more »

  • And I Cried, Too

    I love my father.
    I always will.

    We used to play... more »

  • Anesthetic

    “Okay, you’ll only
    feel a slight
    sting as it
    moves through.”... more »

  • Angel Song

    Angel song,
    angel pose,
    human pain?
    These angel wings... more »

  • Another Teen Statistic

    I don't want to be
    Another teen statistic;
    Don't want people that know
    Nothing about me to tell... more »

  • Army Man

    His dusty breath is arid,
    His inhalation tastes like the clay ground.
    It’s humid, he’s baking in the Sahara.
    All alone in the desolation,... more »

  • Autumn

    And when the flame-colored leaves
    Finally descend
    To God's green earth,
    I know that they have rebelled... more »

  • Bad Decisions

    ... more »

  • Beat Beat

    Beat Beat
    goes this weakened heart
    trembling in my ribcage
    reverberating pathetically... more »

  • Blood Tears

    always starts
    in your throat.... more »

  • Blue Moon

    Of course, of course it's you that made the call
    Because it's only you that thinks of me in this pitch dark.
    Only you, only you desire, or are unaware, of this passivity.
    Only you can so quickly break my bars and morals.... more »

  • Blur

    I still try to make sense of how it happened.
    A trip, a stutter, a falter
    An accidental lunge, a misstep;
    My ineffectual bricks for feet couldn't find ground... more »

  • Body Language

    Your touch
    makes my skin tingle.
    Why am I still
    reacting this way?... more »

  • Bonfire

    Dancing like monarchs
    The sparks are alive with glee
    As they are raised up
    From the ashes of fire... more »

  • Breaking

    It's not fair that you are so far from near
    Because I still have those days where your words fall on my ears
    And most heavily on few fragile memories.
    It's not fair that I have to shut out and darken the present, the reality, the constants in my life... more »

  • But's

    You are here
    But you’re not
    You can see
    But you don’t... more »

  • Cannot Wash My Shirt

    I can still feel your palm on my waist
    Your hands on my stomach
    Your body melded against my back
    Your fingers between mine.... more »

  • Can'T Explain It

    I can’t explain it
    But my heart wrenches
    When he is around
    But my lungs collapse... more »