• Fire

    Fire, fire
    dancing across the
    candle's wick.
    I see your true... more »

  • Fire And Ice

    Voracious, aggressive
    Smoldering, licking, unforgiving
    In the end, destruction ceases all... more »

  • Fitting In

    My dad:
    He thinks I don't try hard enough to
    fit in
    with others.... more »

  • Forever Happy

    You grab with hands so strong
    The welts are still here
    You didn’t choke my throat
    You choked my innocence... more »

  • Forget

    They can't understand
    that they are
    destroying me.
    They can't understand... more »

  • Free Me...

    I'm caged,
    In a zoo,
    Everyone gawks
    And points at... more »

  • Fuzzy

    My head got fuzzy
    And my body tingled
    When you touched my hand.
    My euphoria spiked... more »

  • Gasp

    The stars
    Completely glow
    In eyes full of skepticism,
    Thrusting me into forced hesitation,... more »

  • Ghost

    Today, I saw a ghost
    And he didn’t even know who he was.
    Age didn’t affect his features;
    His hands are the exact way I left them years before.... more »

  • Goodbye

    I knew if I
    let go;
    you would really
    be gone.... more »

  • Goodbye, My Dear Friend

    I never thought you could die twice,
    my dear friend.
    You never deserved such a bad life,
    my dear friend.... more »

  • Great-Aunt Pam

    It was unfortunate
    that you passed Christmas morning.
    I really wish I could've seen you,
    just one more time would've been enough.... more »

  • Guilt

    Don't stand at my grave and weep
    because I know you don't mean it.

    An act to show like you've ever cared... more »

  • Gullible Me

    Everything screams,
    "I told you so."
    I walk back
    Defeated in my own game... more »

  • Heard It All Before

    I can’t believe I trusted you
    echo echo
    I can’t believe I lied for you
    echo echo... more »

  • Helios

    Tearing through the forested horizon
    Slapping the sky with a plethora of colors
    An artwork from a child prodigy... more »

  • Him

    I'm falling for him,
    I'm already falling,
    I don't know how I would get out.... more »

  • His Angel

    I see the one he loves
    Across the foyer;
    His angel.
    And I think:... more »

  • Honey Or Dear

    Don't call me honey or dear,
    You've lost that privilege some time ago.
    You don't have the right,
    No, the permission,... more »

  • How Could I

    how could I make this up?
    how could I make these non-existent wounds seep with puss?
    how could I make my own psyche so mottled?... more »

  • Human

    So I guess this makes me
    A little more human than I wanted to be,
    To let someone hold on and wish for you;
    This is something I never thought I'd have to do.... more »

  • Humane Euthanasia

    The sight of him
    it's overwhelming
    i want him to be mine
    but thats not possible... more »

  • I Am

    I am her hand
    Her trembling hand
    Tracing his face
    His clammy hands... more »

  • I Dare You

    I dare you.
    I'm being serious.... more »

  • I Hate Myself

    I can't believe this;
    why aren't you capable
    of loving me?
    I read your words... more »