• 69

    Make it quick... Brisk.
    Like a wax..
    Instead you take away the fear...
    The water drops.... more »

  • Dead On Arrival

    I am dead on arrival knowing I should have never been born
    I am dead on arrival... lying still... sshh... as my hymen gets torn
    I am dead on arrival so too was that life in me.
    When I took those little poison pills & killed my baby instantly.... more »

  • Fading Echoes

    Impossible to say that you know me.
    Impossible to see what's before your heart.
    You could know me inside out... outside in.
    But I could never let you into this poor part.... more »

  • Fisherman

    This too shall pass, this too
    shall be forgotten.
    This too shall be wavered and
    may your eyes become... more »

  • How To Unscramble Eggs

    The sun is amiss and cotton
    brings a male
    A man, a moon that constantly
    plays tricks... more »

  • Miss Preacher

    Oh Miss Preacher, preach more to me.
    Orate the truth of happiness and of destiny.
    While you sit in a dark room with that blade in your hand.
    Analysing dreams of a shiny distant land.... more »

  • Poppie

    Visions flash by, alive as the
    Of the beauty you held that
    everyone sees.... more »