• Blue And White

    blue is our lady's colour,
    whiote is our lords. tomorrow i will wear the knot
    of blue and white cords,
    that you may see it,... more »

  • Happy Birthday To A Special Friend

    happy birthday to a special friend!
    although i haven't known you many years,
    preheaps because you've dried so many tears,
    pleasure reigns as i these greetings send.... more »

  • Let Them Know

    don't take anyone for granted
    if you love someone
    let them know
    tell them how much they... more »

  • Loneliness

    loneliness is a curse,
    a demon is the dark,
    it casts over you like a shadow,
    and leaves behind it's mark... more »

  • Wanderlust Of 'V' Day

    day with no fences,
    its all love and dances
    its from vertern odyssey,
    to bartenders....to folksy... more »

  • When You Came Along

    when you came along, i believed in angels
    protect me from my sorrows like an infant in a crodle.
    when you came along, i believed in unicorns
    make me feel my best, for everyday i was reborn.... more »

  • Why I Love You

    i love you because you have
    kindest heart i have ever known
    i love you because you are honest toa fault
    i love you because you are everything i'm not... more »