• A Note To A Friend

    I found what you wrote, as you can see.
    I read all your beautiful words, they touched me.
    It seems that an outlet for our feelings is right at our fingertips.
    Our pain so easy to type, to read, to be seen.... more »

  • A Peaceful Slumber

    Lying in the dark
    with pleated white satan,
    dressed to the nines
    and infanately quite.... more »

  • Craving Heart

    Inside me I feel a hunger for love
    Starving for affection.
    I beat wildly at the thought of devotion.
    The ache of yearning is too much to bear.... more »

  • Deceit

    You are my enemy, yet I know you so well.
    I walk through life, this living hell.
    Each person I meet another lie to tell.
    The walls around my heart, a cold hard cell.... more »

  • Eyes Closed

    I close my eyes
    and that is when I see
    a beautiful life
    where you love me.... more »

  • Family History

    Crystalized sugar in Grandma's old jelly jar
    glistening on the kitchen windowsill.
    Stale music, crisp air, and the faint taste of tobacco tar.... more »

  • Goodbye My Love

    I didn't think the last goodbye
    I ever heard you utter was forever.
    If I had known, I would have taken it to heart.
    I would have told you how you touched my life,... more »

  • More Than Just Friends

    I saw two old women today
    walking arm in arm out the sliding doors of the hospital
    laughing and giggling and carrying on
    drawing on each others strength for support.... more »

  • Sigh

    The tears of pain have fallen
    The hours of sleep have passed.
    Each day a new beginning
    Opportunities within grasp.... more »

  • The Little Things

    It's all the little things you do
    that you don't even realize your doing.
    Insignificant things that wouldn't even be noticed,
    Except the fact that I take note,... more »