• After The Brake Up…

    After the brake up
    After the brake up…
    I still wish to see u coming up
    After the brake up…... more »

  • Heartaches

    My heart aches,
    I’ve made a mistake.
    I don’t know what to do,
    Damn, I wish I hadn’t liked you.... more »

  • It's A Chick Thing!

    October 20
    Today like many other days was a beautiful fall morning and I knew that HE was going to be there.

    Hi my name is Tiffany Frank. I am 15 years old and I am a freshman at Brentwood High School. Like many other girls I have many secret crushes. My biggest crush is on Scott Burns. Scott is a junior at Brentwood High. Scott and I have known each other since school started. He is in my lunch and gym class.... more »

  • Peer Pressure

    ... more »

  • The Dark Side To Our Relationship

    I see you in the hall, and yet I feel I have lost nothing at all.
    I felt the pain, but still nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    The day I met you, I felt you were the one.
    You were my stars, you were my sun.... more »

  • Troubled

    She sits in the corner of the room as tears stream down her face. She can’t concentrate on anything else except what happened. Her friends think they know what’s wrong with her but it’s not what they think. She tries to tell them but she can’t it’s too hard. So she just sits there, in the corner of the room and cries.

    Let me rewind to a while ago…when 15 year old Stephanie Winter thought she saw Kenjay Grillo, who lived in New York before Stephanie moved.
    “Kenjay? ” Stephanie said as someone was turning around.... more »

  • Winter Snow Man

    I was just a little snowman sitting on the lawn,
    watching as the days past by from dawn to dusk to dawn.
    One day the family brought home a christmas tree,
    holly wreaths, and ornaments T'was a sight to see.... more »