• Acceptance Rather Than Tolerance

    Unsuspecting beings born to the bosom of the universe. From the time we open our eyes, we are dependent on those who are deemed our parents, guardians or care-givers if we are so in need.

    For the most part in our early years, we are loved, cuddled, ouu's and awe's, all is well. There comes a time though that a little gray seems to hover in the air and questions come to mind. For some reason at the approximate age of five, something seems to have gone
    awry.... more »

  • Acrosti(3) C

    Fornication perhaps ones mind doth bear

    Gone with the wind when age appears... more »

  • Acrostic (1)

    finding oneself on the other side of the world.

    good flow through misty rain while bad tries to drive one insane.... more »

  • Acrostic (2)

    Festered thoughts burn the lining of ones being

    Gurgitating whorls unpleasant and foul... more »

  • African American Haiku

    ... more »

  • After The Vigil

    In the wake of a massacre our thoughts multiply, darkness fills all voids and sadness reigns. Fear disintegrates the mind while tenderness that once found a heart serene, falls in the depths of loneliness consumed with empty dreams.

    When the wrath of evil comes tumbling down, our souls wail in pain. Loss becomes massive, barbarism remembers the old, ruthless acts fuel the earth in the midst of the darkest rain.... more »

  • Afternoon Wish For All Of You

    May life be a Blessing
    each and every day,
    with a tumultuous celebration
    every now and then along the way.... more »

  • All Used Up

    Cowering, falling ¦ beat to the ground.
    Deranged thoughts take me down.
    Like a thunderbolt piercing my heart so weak,
    I walk alone on Calgary's streets.... more »

  • Alone

    A lamp post, dark, dismal, barren street,
    waiting in anticipation for the dealers wheels.
    Tattered clothes, stiletto heels on weary feet.... more »

  • Am I In Love Again...(A Heartbeat Poem)

    Am I in love again
    you know me
    that happens one two three
    First i'm happy... more »

  • An Easter Story Poem For You...Dedicated To Timothy

    An Easter Story Poem For You...Dedicated to Timothy

    Twas Easter Eve, another sleepless night,
    I closed my eyes, dear lord please let me sleep.... more »

  • An Empty Heart

    His speciality was cupidity,
    an empty heart for all to see.
    When his days came to an end,
    no love was found in prosperity.... more »

  • An Observation

    An enigma penetrates the heart of society, slowly moving
    among its people, unseen by most, but noticed by few. We are
    far too busy with our day-to-day lives to notice what is
    happening right before our very own eyes. We have... more »

  • Ancient Mystery (A Brand New Poem For All Of You)

    Vividly hear thee whispers upon the edge of sleepless night.
    Ancient voices of despair released from harrowed tombs.
    Embracing my very soul with a rhythm of mothers care,
    counting me as a Blessing in the bosom of eternal life.... more »

  • And Now The Stars Are Gone

    ... more »

  • Anesthesia

    Anesthesia surged through my soul
    like a cobra wanting to devour me.
    My energy, my umph, my hutzpah gone,
    flatlined and fixated on the ceiling above,... more »

  • Animal Rights

    We’re marching for animal rights.
    We have the right to fight.
    Remember to hold you banners high
    As if they were going to touch the sky.... more »

  • Anticipating

    ride the peak
    of... more »

  • Artistic Scene Of Nature

    captures the aura of
    natures picturesque horizon
    basking in the autumn hues of... more »

  • Baby

    Sweet little baby
    so precious and fine
    a gift placed on earth
    from the great divine... more »

  • Bad Ass Trucker

    I’m ready to hit the road,
    believe it man I’m carrying a heavy load.
    You might have lots of time to spare
    but I know I can break down anywhere.... more »

  • Banish Thee Sorrow

    Banish thee sorrow, death's lonesome woe,
    fly birds of ice in royal flock.
    Where doth thou come, where wilt thou go,
    misery fills thy heart, timeless earth's clock.... more »

  • Be With Me

    ... more »

  • Belly Laugh

    Belly Laugh

    Let's laugh until we cry
    let's be dang fools... more »

  • Bitter Fruit

    Bitter fruit ones pallet tastes,
    long ago, bellies roared.
    Torn flesh in a crowed cage
    while sea men squeezed in more.... more »