• (110) Crisis Of A Child

    Mommy, mommy don’t leave me here alone.
    I don’t like you talking on the phone.
    I just got home, I have so much to say.
    Please mommy listen to what happened today.... more »

  • (121) Sweet, Sweet Jesus

    I do not walk alone
    for I’m covered by his blood.
    He walks with me and talks with me.
    My face shines for all to see... more »

  • (122) I Truly Love You

    Listen to me,
    Give me your ear
    I have much to say
    You must hear.... more »

  • (125) Racial Peace

    An intermingling of the races,
    coming together, holding hands
    with smiles and laughter.
    Enjoying all differences.... more »

  • (140) Oil Spill

    Her wing was broken,
    Her body covered in oil.
    The product of a spill in the lake.
    She fought hard trying to survive... more »

  • (151) Conscience

    An inner voice, whispers of the Lord.
    A reminder of right and wrong.... more »

  • (152) The Coal Train (Childhood Memory)

    Waiting patiently a quarter to one,
    we heard the whistle blow.
    I looked at the others, took deep breaths,
    it’s almost time to go.... more »

  • (154) Prayer And Testimony

    Don’t be afraid to call out his name, although you should never
    do it in vain. Allow Jesus to come into your life and reign over
    your heart, giving you a brand new start. Take a walk in the
    dark of night knowing that God is holding you in his sight, don’t... more »

  • (158) In The Eyes Of The Beholder

    He smiled at me as I walked through the door
    of a rather huge department store.

    Then I heard him say, good morning pretty lady.... more »

  • (159) Mommy Knows Best

    An argument erupted in the family today.
    I lost my cool, my mouth had its say.
    A long time coming God knows that’s true.
    Waste of time though, for I had much to do.... more »

  • (180) Pondering

    Bad news came my way once again today.
    A young friend of Mom’s passed away.
    It’s something we come to expect now the
    years are flying by, old age is upon us.... more »

  • (210) Turned Out

    Mona wasn’t loved as a child,
    she was a cast away, left on her own
    most of the time. She felt useless,
    unhappy most of her adolescent life.... more »

  • (220) A Film To Sea

    Far away in the distance,
    a shadow cast upon the sea.
    Upon arriving closer,
    that shadow bled a travesty.... more »

  • (230) Prayer For Our Children-Sept.16,2007

    Father God in heaven I raise my arms to you in prayer and ask Lord
    that you keep the children of poem hunters, my children and others
    around the world under your glorious umbrella Lord. I ask that you cover
    them like a glove with the Holy spirit and keep their hearts full of love.... more »

  • (240) Thank You Father -Prayer For A Healing

    Father, first of all know how much I love you and appreciate you
    in my life. Father you never leave me, always there to see me
    through. This week Father you were ever present in not only my
    life but that of my daughter and I thank you for what you did for... more »

  • (270) As One

    Sitting in the shimmering,
    noon sun.... more »

  • (300) Our Dog (Blaze)

    He stands tall, with dark beautiful eyes.
    His coat is that of shiny black velvet.... more »

  • (310) Our Cat (Tiger)

    A tiny tabby kitten, with sad brown eyes.
    Sat on the porch of a broken down house.
    He was about to become homeless,
    without any food, not even a mouse.... more »

  • (321) Forgiveness

    Forgiveness, a heartfelt decision.
    The clearing of one’s heart without remission.
    A voice from deep within, contemplates,
    removal of festered thoughts of sin.... more »

  • (323) True Innocence

    A precious child, my little grand-daughter,
    full of chuckles, love and great laughter.
    Filled with innocence through and through,
    with lots of hugs and kisses too.... more »

  • (330) I’m An Animal

    This morning I’m a feline,
    walking with grace.
    Hips swaying side to side
    Head held high, tilted slightly.... more »

  • (340) Success

    Success is having what it takes
    to keep positivity on the trail
    to total freedom.
    Stand firm,... more »

  • (350) Boys Will Be Boys (Children’s Poem)

    Jack took his magic top hat off the rack.
    He placed it over a pretty old rat
    The rat jumped around and around
    Jacks friends saw the jumping hat.... more »

  • (373) Trust In………..

    I’m no slave, yet you pit me here.
    The verge of death's grave.

    To sleep, weep in the mudded dirt.... more »

  • (375) Faded Red Dress

    There you were a sight to behold,
    quietly sleeping, in shimmering folds.
    No heart to disturb your precious rest,
    I left you lying there in a faded red dress.... more »