• Is It Poetry

    Is it poetry or are they simply words
    I like to pen upon the page.
    Is my heart exploding with love,
    or is it an abundance of pent up rage.... more »

  • Is This A Limerick

    There once was an apple called Sam
    we used it to make some sweet jam
    Stella boiled it over on the burner
    while Granma listened to Tina Turner... more »

  • Isabella

    I found her sitting at play,
    in the middle of the day.
    She had two short braids tighty woven,
    bright yellow ribbons, personally chosen.... more »

  • It Ain Over Till It's Over

    A party animal, burning the midnight oil, you know,

    moaning and groaning every day, every night. Drinking... more »

  • It.S Time

    I've decided it's time
    to say good-bye
    no more visits
    no more asking... more »

  • It'sad Dog's Life

    It's A Dog's Life

    Blaze was dog tired as he opened his eyes early Thursday morning, staring at the wall. Took a look at his master, watched him snore awhile. Ahh what to do thought blaze as he reached his head down between his legs and gave his wee wee a brush of the tongue. Got up, shook himself, walked to the kitchen, ready to start his day.... more »

  • Itzy Bitzy Love Poem

    Come on by and sing me a song
    We can cuddle up all night long
    And if the birds outside are singing
    Perhaps the bells next door are ringing... more »

  • Jehovah

    Lord today I want to offer my humble apology. I don’t know
    why Lord but I never call you by your name. I call you God,
    Father, King, Master. You are all that, oh yes indeed you are.... more »

  • Jesus Lives

    They crucified him, this man,
    our Lord, and laid Him on the
    cross. Brutalized Him with nails
    and placed thorns upon His head.... more »

  • Just Dreams

    O I would have kissed him
    held him tight through the night
    but dreams are just that...dreams
    my eyes will always hold him close... more »

  • Just For Me

    A man of voice and song,
    a serenade just for me.
    As a songbird, you came along,
    and touched me abundantly.... more »

  • Karma Will Find You

    An old broken down blues singer from the
    streets of New York city. Presents a rather
    gauche demeanor lacking the common
    touch. He lives his life in a pathological... more »

  • Kids Of Curry's Lane

    Granma was baking pone in the kitchen, I could smell the cinnamon which permeated the air. Umm couldn't wait to have a slice, I finished dressing and ran into the living room to peer into our yard. Oh oh, there was a mountain of snow covering the fence, that meannnnns.

    We're locked in, I pushed my face tightly against the window pane and could see the mountain had extended all the way up our door. My cousin Eric joined me and grinned, no school, I motioned for him to be quiet shhhhh we love school remember. He was younger than me, and he shook his head ok. We giggled and took in the scenes, we could see Annie Gregory working in her kitchen across the way. Herbie Gregory, Cookie and Brenda Star lived there, Brenda Star was my Aunt Mar's God-daughter, she was always a special one. I loved all of them.... more »

  • Kill The Bull

    No I share not in your democracy
    An unwelcom'd game of sheer hypocrisy
    A liar stoned is a liar dead
    A liar spared leaves much to dread... more »

  • King Of The Sea

    A lonely log of the sea,
    swift, powerful yet a gentle fish.
    The great white shark travels alone,
    swimming through the ocean,... more »

  • Know Your Truth

    One may toss and turn the scripture and manipulate word and phrase
    you see. But the truth is in the fire, and the flame burns deep in
    philosophy. Aaron’s rod stretched far, no such almonds do blossoms
    bear, but a people born of manipulation walks steady for the longest... more »

  • Last Breath

    Last Breath

    Cold winds stir about thy head,
    skies free birds glide triumphantly.... more »

  • Let Go

    Another day has passed,

    yet you all still pine for me.... more »

  • Let It Be Today...Tomorrow May Never Come

    He called yesterday morning,
    come have a drink with me.
    Meet me at the Border Crossing
    down the street.... more »

  • Let Love Reign

    Standing, gazing at the drizzle on my windowpane. In solitude of my own, remembering the dazzle, the glitz, the warmth of mink, dancing into the aurora of time.

    Scattering thoughts intoxicate my soul wilst tears well in the corner of my eyes as I dream of your mellifluous voice beckoning me to sleep. I know I’ll find you again on the dance floor in my dreams.... more »

  • Let Me Live Again (Ciquain) Dedicating This To Dad...Wes Volger

    When rocks cry out
    Bood stones show no color
    Kings secret tombs tell old stories... more »

  • Let Peace Be Born (A New Poem For All Of You)

    It is said you are what you think
    perhaps that's truer than you realize.
    Seeing people for who they are
    is the ultimate in freedom's rise.... more »

  • Let The Feathers Heed Warning

    You fall for the words,
    and the actions you think you see.
    The mask wearers and smooth talk,
    of the beasts in society.... more »

  • Let The Spirit Rule

    O let the spirit rule
    don't shut it out like a fool.
    place one foot in front of the other,
    Walk...Raise your arms high... more »

  • Let's Dance

    The Can Can
    The Charleston
    The Tango and more
    A lover... more »