• Letters To Kelly


    Dear Kelly... more »

  • Liars

    I’m the Queen of pain,
    I’m the wallowed widow of grief.
    My heart continually swollen,
    as the rust drains the Maple Leaf.... more »

  • Life Is Short

    Life is short, so short in fact
    we must not waste a miniscule of time.
    Choose the one you love,
    lay it on the line.... more »

  • Lily (Another Cutie Petutie Poem)

    She dazzles you with laughter,
    has the brightest smile you ever did see.
    Her name is Lily and she’s special to me.
    O she’s a fast moving Queen... more »

  • Little Angel

    Sweet little Angel soft, frail
    an angel in every detail.
    A face of innocence, she portrayed,
    so soon, so soon to fade away.... more »

  • Little Bee

    Little bees black, yellow stripe
    how sweet blossom's nectar must be
    I long to know such blissful taste
    please share your delight with me... more »

  • Little Sisters

    'Little Sisters'.......This post is for... 'coming out' young ladies.....

    A man who cries without embarrassment, who rejoices with tears. A man who caresses you when you need it the most, who shows how much he cares. A man who provides and protects, this is the man you honor and will never regret...... more »

  • Longing

    Walking barefoot on fallen leaves,
    wearing your love upon my sleeve.
    I stand amazed in this field of dreams,
    this senseless realm of deals and schemes.... more »

  • Loss

    ... more »

  • Loss 2


    So many lost loved ones yesterday and this morning I thought I'd share a few words that came to me...... more »

  • Lost Friendship

    When you see someone you love,
    and can no longer hold their hand,
    It matters not whether its woman or man.
    You realize the sadness it brings... more »

  • Lost Youth

    Youth I've lost not long ago,
    could I bring it back one day
    and live it over again.
    Perhaps I'd find a different path... more »

  • Love

    ... more »

  • Love Is The Answer

    Love Is The Answer

    Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening...The tears are washing my face this morning but also a smile stays etched upon it as well. Tears full force due to the loss of my Uncle Ben and the smile comes while remembering him. O he had such an amazing smile and his eyes twinkled as he spoke.... more »

  • Love Me

    Capture me blissfully,
    carry me to the shores of ecstasy.
    Bring me gifts of scent and oil.
    Cover me with linen and lace.... more »

  • Love Me Only

    Expecting a whisper from one so dear,
    my bosom eagerly awaits you here.
    Thy love reigns over all who desire thee,
    May thine love cover you abundantly.... more »

  • Love Or Hate………..Which One Do You Choose? ? ? ? ? ?

    What Is Love

    Love is a strong affection, arising out of family or a blossomed
    friendship. Love can be seen in the adoration of God, a benevolent concern for the betterment of mankind.... more »

  • Love Train

    All aboard
    I'm on a love train
    hope you all come aboard
    and see how much you'll gain... more »

  • Love Wins

    No matter where the wind roars
    North, South, East, West
    Love is the King and Queen
    that never falls... more »

  • Love Wins (Dedicated To Zack Fisher)

    No matter where the wind roars
    North, South, East, West
    Love is the King and Queen
    that never falls... more »

  • Loving You Too Long

    Loving You Too Long

    She was loving you too long
    no promises... more »

  • Lying In Silence

    I know I'm lying in a hospital room,
    the Doctor's will come in soon.
    Don't they know that I'm aware
    of what is going on in here.... more »

  • Madness

    Much darkness penetrated steel walls of pain;
    old voices screamed as if insane.
    Tossed to the gallows of disrepair,
    Heart-wrenching ghosts roamed viciously there.... more »

  • Mae Lee Elise

    Mae Lee Elise (may her dreams never cease)
    In dreamlike slumber deep with peace,
    saw shadows dance on velvet floor,
    to a great melodic symphony.... more »

  • Making Love

    Somewhere out there, where lovers meet.
    In the still of night, with muted light.
    Lilacs fragrance consume the air.
    Basking in it's perfume, you lay there.... more »