• My Goddess And Me

    Yes, I saw her, sleek and shine. this
    beautiful Goddess of whom I call
    mine.... more »

  • My Heart Song

    Tonight sleep escapes me, you are tugging
    at my heartstrings and I reminisce our last
    chapter.... more »

  • My Lord-My Redeemer-My Light

    You are the bright star that shines through cloudy skies.
    the ever blooming flower that never dies.... more »

  • My Sad Soul (Dedicated To Donna Lohnes)

    Doth thou not have validation, can thee not stand alone.
    Such questions cry out from deep within as I cower
    from pricks of thorns. Weary legs trudge along while
    truth peers back at me. O I retreat far within, no... more »

  • My Sin

    What's done is done in the midnight sun.
    Dreaded thoughts, I wish my heart to run.
    To hide deep among the ashes grey,
    to cover from evils heat.... more »

  • My Thoughts (A)

    Sharing my thoughts with all of you

    In The Present... more »

  • My Thoughts (B)

    My Thoughts (B)

    Have you forgotten or do you remember, I wonder. I do remember as a wee girl smiles and jubilation of relatives arriving from the West Indian Islands. They were so happy to be here. I'll never forget that day, it seemed a burden was lifted from my Grandparents when our relatives arrived knowing they would be happier here and have a chance at a good education and be able to start their own business. It was a beautiful day and we were all basking in that joy. The love my Grandparents poured their way was phenomenal.... more »

  • My Thoughts (C)

    We are amazing human beings created by that which we truly do not know. We can kneel and pray to Jehovah, Allah, Yehweh, and so forth, that invisible force we encompass in all to be God.

    Some may call out to the universe, that massive force of energy, gaze toward the sky enjoying fallen stars. It is said by astrophysicists that we are stardust as such is found within our bodies. With such knowledge, scientifically speaking we are in fact a part of the universe. Hence when we die that stardust within our bodies goes back to the universe as our flesh becomes dust, but do we really die meaning nothing more or is nothing everything.... more »

  • My Thoughts (D)

    ... more »

  • My Visit To Hell

    There I found a tattered gate leading a long path of cruelty abounding darkness all the forefront as far as one could see.

    Magenta light bounced in scarlet beams leaving sparks upon unholy ground, pale covered fields projected flames where hunter green blades once grew in abundance.... more »

  • Naomi Green

    She arrived with ego, pride and chutzpa,

    shouting out new rules and kicking butts.... more »

  • Nature's Bliss Haiku

    Soft colored rainbows
    arch God's blossoms of beauty
    earths royal delight... more »

  • Nature's Juice

    Roaring sounds
    drums beat,
    earths music plays.... more »

  • Nature's Miracle

    In the month of April, true spring is not far away.
    The days grow longer, the robins sing and play,
    why beauty shines through with each coming day.... more »

  • Nature's Remedy

    Presented here are
    tomatoes rich in colour
    housing nutrients
    powerful enough to kill... more »

  • Never Grow Old

    Some say age is merely a number,
    perhaps your mind will tell it true.
    Age is simply the way you
    think of you.... more »

  • Never Look Back.....I Disagree

    It has been said, one must never look back, move on,
    push toward the future. Yesterday is gone, old news
    so to speak. I disagree and believe the opposite. One
    must look back and remember the atrocities of... more »

  • Never Say Good-Bye

    It is the motion in the moonlight
    and how I felt after we kissed.
    It's the sparkle in your eyes
    when we held hands like this.... more »

  • Nirvana

    I want to soar above mountains, beyond the highest peak. It may seem an impossible tasNk but I know what I’m aiming for.

    Let me take you there when I close my eyes, I see it vividly in my dreams, O it’s better than the gentle flow of a quiet rivers stream.... more »

  • No Camoufalge Here

    I watched the news and heard that another Black man was shot to death in the United States and these words came to me. I wasn't going to share this one since I'm writing a new book about this sadness but here it is...

    No Camoufalge here... more »

  • No Debutante Pictures For Me

    No debutante pictures for me
    I'm the cast out of family.
    No silk white gown or wringlet curls,
    deep skin of ebony, the darkest girl.... more »

  • No Doubt I Shall Return (Sharing A New Poem With All Of You)

    Trudge this earth, longing to be one.
    Ive passed here five times before.
    Tis genius that begets thy soul,
    such knowledge you do abhor.... more »

  • No Mercy Doth Though Bear

    In this world we will not share our land,
    for that we raise the higher hand.
    Bulls of hate stand behind human shields.
    Worthless lives die in terrorized fields..... more »

  • No Reason To Hide

    They told me the river ran cold
    that's what they told me in my dream.
    I heard them cry, I heard them scream,
    O Lord, thank you Jesus, it was just a dream.... more »

  • Nubian Sky

    ... more »