• Romantic Tease (Impromptu Poem)

    I met him here,
    in this crowded place.
    When I see him,
    a smile stays etched... more »

  • Sadness Appears Haiku

    Women stand barren
    no future for those to come
    shall birth disappear... more »

  • Sadness Reigns

    ... more »

  • Sadness Reigns (2)

    Well it's gloomy outside, I suppose that goes with the day as we are not happy here in Canada. However, I say to you, have a beautiful day and smile as much as you can.

    Here's some words that quickly came to me after reading this morning news...... more »

  • Sadness Tastes A Rose (Tanka 1)

    Heartfelt sympathy,
    embraced in blue shadow light.
    Black rose bleeding red,
    tantalized in silent song.... more »

  • Sal Completed His Soul Tanka (3)

    Tanka (3)

    Sal Completed His Soul... more »

  • Save Them Haiku

    A murderous hell
    pray for the little children
    whose parents are dead... more »

  • Savour The Moment

    Ahh the blossoms wake in the morning light,
    the faint aroma of roses grace the air.
    You are a blessing to my eyes,
    I touch you gently with my fingertips.... more »

  • Say Goodbye

    Come share my poem
    this golden autumn day
    listen to whispering leaves
    say goodbye to summer days... more »

  • Say Goodbye To Darkness

    I trudged through harsh storms,
    thick waters tried to drown me.
    The river ran quickly knocking
    me off my feet.... more »

  • Say Goodbye Too Darkness

    I trudged through harsh storms,
    thick waters tried to drown me.
    The river ran quickly knocking
    me off my feet.... more »

  • Saying Goodnight

    It's actually been a very quiet and peaceful day. I shared a few words and hope someone out there found a little comfort while reading through. When you lose someone and a friend or associate tells you, you'll get over it in a year, don't believe them, that's not true, we never forget those we love. We move forward, we make changes and we live on but the memories are always there and often we find solace in remembering.

    A new partner who truly loves you will always give you that space and never allow jealousy to enter in but with that their must be a balance. Enjoy your memories but enjoy what you have in front of you on this earth as well.... more »

  • Scattered Memories

    Scattered memories sifting through the landscape of thy mind, taking
    me back to those I left behind. Laughter rages and skims the valley
    dark, a mirage of peace blankets or’e the plane, yet its sour odor
    must still be claimed.... more »

  • Scorned

    Evil’s dark, sinister candle,

    takes me hostage in its light.... more »

  • Scorned (2)

    She merely wanted to hurt him
    she didn't care who else felt the pain
    her daggers were strewn
    wanting to drive him insane... more »

  • Scream For Peace In Silence

    Will you make a resolution to create that change in you, or will your change be a new lifestyle resonated coming through. We are about to dive into the New Year and you'll hear many speak of their New Year resolution, perhaps that's merely a wordy contribution, a temporary solution to an addiction faced. These are the people who speak loud and clear. You'll see their radiant smiles beam from ear to ear. It's a time they create that makes them feel so good inside but short lived, such words never seem to abide.

    When a change is truly made within you, you become that illuminating light and all who surround you, will see you glow both day and night. It's a beautiful illumination only the inner eye can see but its beauty is the creation of the master of our universal sea.... more »

  • Seduced By Thought

    Seduced by the rich blanket of night,
    warmed with the remnants of the days sun.
    Ones memory touched by the blush spread
    across the blue sky. No moon shall unveil... more »

  • Sensual Dance

    She slipped through crevices of my soul,
    a blessed memory, longed to hold.
    Twas not a fortnight since we shared,
    in blissful pleasantry, sipped and dared.... more »

  • Sensual Delight On The Telephone

    You said, talk dirty to me,
    I said,
    oh I can not say
    such nasty things.... more »

  • Sensual Journey

    Your tantalizing scent excites me.
    I long for your touch in every fleeting moment.
    Join me tonight my darling.
    Come to me with open arms,... more »

  • Sensual Thoughts

    While fireflies light the darkness of night
    shimmering shadows dance.
    Pale blue sequins delight mine eyes,
    I find myself in a sensual trance.... more »

  • Sensual Thoughts (Sharing A Sensual Delight For All Of You)

    In an evening's bliss beneath sky's midnight blue,
    my darling my thoughts are intoxicated by you.
    Will you delight your mind, and always appreciate me
    bathe in my sweet aroma, dance in my royal sea.... more »

  • Shades Of Gray

    Starlit colors
    were that of bright blues,
    with flickers of crystallite silver hues.
    As time progressed,... more »

  • Shadow

    D... more »

  • Shadows After Midnight

    Shadows After Midnight

    I’ve made it through the day,
    everything seems fine. My problems... more »