• (376) Turbulent Crippled Emotions (Part One)

    A work of art is not shown here,
    yard created by queen of despair.
    She rules the insane in great capacity.
    Fearful as it were, her tenacity.... more »

  • (377) Turbulent Crippled Emotions (Part Two)

    The neighbours watched day by day
    wondering what was coming their way.
    Slowly constructed to great surprise,
    a mish mash of wire, haunted their eyes.... more »

  • (378) Turbulent Crippled Emotions (Part Three)

    Grow and double it did,
    Costing more than just a few quid.
    A massive disheveled confusion,
    certainly not a complex illusion.... more »

  • (420) Watering The Flowers

    The early morning dew caressed petals
    of garden flowers, allowing them to
    hold their tiny heads toward the sky.... more »

  • (430) I’m Grateful (Prayer)

    I’m grateful Lord that you gave your only son to me.
    I’m grateful Lord that I have two eyes in which to see
    I’m grateful Lord that I have a loving family
    I’m grateful Lord that you love me unconditionally... more »

  • (480) Water

    In a great deal of discomfort and pain.
    having to stand after boarding the train.
    I tried to be as pleasant looking as could be.
    Didn’t want anyone to realize,... more »

  • (490) Dancing Pen

    The morning sun
    finds its way into a room,
    capturing a couple
    newly engaged in an act so vivid,... more »

  • (492) Triumph Of The Only True 'King'

    The Devil visited the Lord and said,
    here I’am Lord, I come to visit,
    to share a sip of wine, shall we say,
    I don’t want to gloat and... more »

  • (493) Naughty Miss Hauty

    I’m a tiny spec on the boardroom floor.
    I hear and see all that comes through the door.... more »

  • (494) Tormented

    Glazed were the eyes of red sorrow.
    Oozed up in the cherry rain.
    Lived a red man from the hollow,
    stiffened in much pain.... more »

  • (495) Father

    Father I come to you with open arms, wanting to feel your spirit.
    Place my feet on Holy ground, open my ears to hear your glorious sound. Open my eyes so I will see, take wasted fear away from me.

    Father give me the hope I need to survive, allow me many years to stay alive. Father you are the one I truly love, please send me your blessings from above.... more »

  • (499) The Chosen Ones

    Golden words delivered
    honest and dear.
    Straight from the heart... more »

  • (501) Welcome

    Welcome Father, you’re the head of our family
    Wecome Mother, you are my strength
    Welcome Brother, my strong tower
    Welcome sister, a soft shoulder for my head... more »

  • (502) Meant To Be

    I saw the flicker in your eyes,
    your beautiful porcelain smile.
    I watched you closely as you
    walked down the aisle.... more »

  • (503) We Are One

    We were put on this earth for many reasons
    To enjoy every moment, every hour, every day, every season.
    To do the very best that we can do.... more »

  • (504) God's Power

    the power of God is truly amazing, he never dissapoints us. Even when we think he may have forgotten us, he shows his hand and the glory of his love.
    I had many family issues in the last few weeks and just couldn't take it anymore so I did what I consider to be the obvious. I gave all my troubles to God and left them in his hands, my daughter did the same.

    I decided to write a prayer letting Satan know he doesn't scare me and at the end of that prayer when I dotted the last period, I heard someone at the door and there was my long lost son.... more »

  • (512) A Close Call

    Blistering cold, chilled to the bone, I took my fur collar
    and wrapped it around my neck, loosely so I wouldn’t
    perspire. Waiting patiently for the midnight bus but
    nothing in sight. Oh it’s just too cold, I would be... more »

  • (513) Bad Things Happen To-

    Bad things happen to good people and we ask the
    question why. Did anyone ask questions about our
    Savior Jesus when he was nailed upon the cross.
    We whine and cry and blame God for our troubles.... more »

  • (514) Angels (Haiku)

    Lingering over us
    Protecting all from harms way
    Angelic replay... more »

  • (517) Strong Mind

    Bring me to water,
    I refuse to drink.
    It doesn’t matter who you are
    nor what you think... more »

  • (540) My Jewelry Party

    It was a rather quiet day, I had a few things to do in order to prepare
    for tonight’s jewelry party. I started out to get my
    errands done, giving myself enough time to get home to start the
    preparations for the event. I made a list, had everything in order,... more »

  • (550) My Death-My New Life Begins

    Lying still in a hospital room, surrounded by family, tears flowing,
    faces saddened. At the end of my bed stood a tall, slender lady
    with beautiful features. Her skin, the look of velvet, with royal
    eyes, rosy cheeks and lips. Angelic, the most beautiful woman, I... more »

  • (561) My Vision

    Lying motionless supported by a soft bed of grass, my thoughts
    ran wild, endless thoughts from the beginning of my life to the end and
    beyond. My eyes opened wide as I lay in a pre slumber state. The
    most amazing vision unfolded right before my eyes, clouds began to... more »

  • (563) An Awesome View

    It was a cool night with a slight drizzle in the air.
    I stood at the hilltop and was in awe while standing there.
    In the distance a rainbow formed, colors beautiful and bright.
    I was amazed at this extraordinary awesome sight.... more »

  • (565) Walk Away-Please Don’t Stay

    You don’t know whom you’re dealing with,
    when you start to mess with me.
    I’m your worst enemy, with me you’ll never be free.
    I’ll chew you up, spit you out, never blink an eye.... more »