• The Train's A Comin (Part 2 End)

    Imagine, here we are three happy black girls up from Canada,
    two light skin blacks, one visible black that's me and one poor
    Italian young man who doesn't know what he's in for. All
    standing at the side of the road wondering what comes next.... more »

  • The Train's A Comin Nostalgia Poem

    Once I heard the whistle sound quickly hurling through the air
    my eyes lit up, my lips parted smiling from ear to ear.

    Well you know it was another one of those early Saturday... more »

  • The Wild Orchid (Haiku)

    ... more »

  • There's A New Man In Town

    I saw dark shadows, lurking around corners.
    Feared my dreams, slipping and sliding.
    Heard my name crying out from hell,
    that old time man tried to drown me in his spell.... more »

  • There's Gonna Be A Partae

    There's gonna be a partae
    gonna be a partae
    it may not be today
    O it may not be tonight... more »

  • There's No Time In Heaven

    There's no time in Heaven
    don't worry about getting
    from 7 to 11
    ummmmm no time in Heaven... more »

  • These Words I Write

    These words I write,
    come from deep within my soul.
    They come in the middle of the night,
    a gift of God's console.... more »

  • They See Ya Comin (The New Technicians)

    They see ya comin when you drive through the door of the quick fix change transmission fluid store.

    They see ya comin when they spot your gender, for they know they are the knowledgeable vendor.... more »

  • Think About 2

    The philosophical gathering of thoughts relating to the destruction of others due to irrational behaviour ought to be sorted out, placed in the proper perspective, strategically expressed and acted upon.

    Delay in reacting to a crucial life threatening dilemma could be devastating to all and result in worldly disorientation. In such a situation we very well could experience the coming together of one commonality to gain abounding strength against the enemy.... more »

  • Think About It

    ... more »

  • Think Peace (1)

    Perhaps today can be a new beginning of beautiful thoughts you would like to share. Think of those you've never met but would like to touch today. We are what we think, you've heard it said before so why not think peace and think it more and more.

    Reach out to the universe, in thought you'll reach a multitude. All you have to do is think, remember energy travels far. With that in mind, you'll touch those traveling by plane, on foot, by car.... more »

  • Thinking Of The Great Divine

    May this day shower you will Blessings you never expected to receive. Know that we are never alone and Jesus is right beside us. Isn't it wonderful to know that we are loved unconditionally by our Father in Heaven, to know that He will never leave us even in our darkest hour. So many say, where is God, well He is right there within us, always with us, giving us the strength that we need to survive. He helped us get up and move forward, he shone that light though some refused to see.

    Our Savior held his arms out many times welcoming us into His arms. God spoke to us through many voices we refused to hear, and comforted us so we could sleep yet we were not aware. Don't ever give up on our Savior, Jesus Christ, remember He did not give up on us and suffered tremendously for us on the cross.... more »

  • This Man

    Sadness unfolds within my heart
    thinking of a man pristine and fair.
    His words were powerful
    sometimes his words were dear.... more »

  • This May Not Be Poetry

    ... more »

  • This Morning

    ... more »

  • This Morning (2)

    ... more »

  • Thomas... Last Breath (B)

    Sucking in air for the last time
    with fear, Thomas crossed the line.
    Where will his spirit rise,
    we pray to the great devine.... more »

  • Through Love, We Enjoy Peace

    Uplift yourselves, open your eyes,
    see that peace is right there under
    God's vast azure sky.
    Waiting people... Waiting...... more »

  • Tidbits Or Snapshots

    The Fisherman

    While the river flows gently, he stands silent.
    Boots up to his hips, face darkened by the sun,... more »

  • Tidbits Or Snapshots (The Fisherman... The Dreamer... Submerged)

    Tidbits or Snapshots

    The Fisherman... more »

  • Tiny Daggers

    I fear the dagger you pierce within my heart.
    Let my blood come forth by a blade of steel.
    Keep your words, please let them not impart,
    for the pain they reap, I will surely feel.... more »

  • Tis Love

    Tis Love

    He glows the presence of a King
    in sunny climes and sparkling skies.... more »

  • Tis Words Of The Wizardess Or Words Of The Wise

    A world of honey painted (field after field)
    No use to complain
    No choice shall you yield... more »

  • To Blossom

    Squeeze gently that cherry blossom fine
    so tender the silken touch devine
    where parting releases the sweetest of the juice
    amazed by the innocence of blinding truth... more »

  • To Have You Here With Me

    We have never touched
    or shared a quiet eve
    we never danced across the floor
    or cuddled beneath an old oak tree... more »