• To My Sisters

    It is 4: 07am, well I was hoping to sleep a wee bit longer but it is what it is. I woke with a beautiful young lady on my mind. I met this beauty yesterday, tall, Black and gorgeous. I admired her looks, her smile and her fabulous ebony skin. She carried herself with confidence and that brought a smile to my face. Her image is bold within my mind right now. I also met a very vibrant and O so friendly Latino lady, we chatted only a moment or two, I felt Blessed to have those moments with her. Moments later, a very pretty tall blonde woman in red walked by in her amazing high heel shoes and I stopped her for a hug, she was lovely. Another woman took my eye and we gazed at each other for a few seconds, I told her, she was beautiful and she reached up to my ear and told me the same. We spoke for awhile about how women should continually support each other and we both agreed that we need to work on that a lot and get over this jealousy some have within them. I'm uplifting all of these ladies in prayer this morning.

    I went about my business, chatting with many people there, men and women. My friend wanted to sit at a table to eat, they were all taken but a young lady saw us looking and caught my eye and she gestured for us to join her. Moments later I observed her reading a most beautiful piece of writing and I listened to some of the words about our friend Orunamamu. Later she was leaving and I called out to her and told her I didn't want to lose touch with her, and gave her my business card. I hope she will be in touch at some point.... more »

  • To Thee I Wed

    Althia, wilt thou close the door Althia, it’s bloody cold in these cramped quarters.

    Stop pouting my dear, your Joshua will show up as soon as he runs low on coin.... more »

  • To Whom It May Concern

    ... more »

  • Today Some Will Die

    ... more »

  • Together We Rise

    People of hate fit a rancid minority
    yet their ugly faces all do boldly see.
    The majority often sits quietly bemused
    pitying the horror placed on those abused.... more »

  • Tongues Of Love

    Aww look! She takes the day,
    Refreshing blossoms of flowers rest.
    She whispers in the wind,
    By day, by night.... more »

  • Toxic

    Forced…driven into fearful huts, our men were never born.
    Drones protected by raped mistresses who existed filled
    With the horror of scorn. Under lined gloves lived a future
    never to be.... more »

  • Travel To Gaillee

    MoLise gazed through Nubian night, where streaks of light beamed spiritual dancing orbs. Her feelings nuzzled tight within, and her face etched with the tiniest grin. Amazed she stood in awe, that spiritual intervention she knew naught, but a feeling as overwhelming as this, could never be ignored.

    MoLise began to jump, to free herself of her earthly pain, she reached an inner state which most can only dream to gain. Here she was extended like an elongated finger touching what is unknown to man, and she pondered on her final thoughts, this is not what I planned.... more »

  • Treat Me Like A Fool No More

    I thought you were the answer to my dreams,
    but you kept conjuring up ridiculous schemes.
    You erased my love as if it was charcoal dust,
    leaving me at dawn after a night of pure lust.... more »

  • True Love

    Your words illuminate my soul as they penetrate
    deeper and deeper.
    Your love flows like the waves of the sea,
    and your eyes only see me.... more »

  • Two Blind Men

    ... more »

  • Two Old Friends

    Two Old Friends

    Tyrone was a honey-toned Negro child
    With a ton of curly golden locks... more »

  • Universal Bounty

    Treasures of the universe perform an ancient dance,
    through raging storms, downpouring rain,
    the beauty of cosmic explosions.
    Phenomenal elegance of soft, glistening snowflakes... more »

  • Until Their Is Light

    Out in the darkness I've planted my feet,
    heading nowhere, depressed and weak.
    I knew if I kept moving soon their would
    be light and all hindering me, hence... more »

  • Until There Is Light

    Out in the darkness I've planted my feet,
    heading nowhere, depressed and weak.
    I knew if I kept moving soon their would
    be light and all hindering me, hence... more »

  • Used And Abused

    You took my heart, tore it apart,
    Pretending to love me, there in the dark.
    You laughed as if I were a joke,
    I cried, you mean old bloke.... more »

  • Valley Of Blue

    On the road to tranquility we often find ourselves living in the valley of pain. lying to ourselves, longing for lost loves, wishing they would return to us again.

    Rummaged thoughts delve deep in the bowels of despair. Anxiety rests in tunnels of thin air.... more »

  • Vocaroo Reading...Hush My Sweet

    ... more »

  • Voting Day...

    Did You Vote Today, I Didn't

    My heart is almost breaking
    I'm very sad to say... more »

  • Waiting For You

    Like Kahlua and cream you soothe my mind,
    I relax and think of you most of the time.

    A quiet evening by the fire I'll sit,... more »

  • Walk Away

    Many become submerged in a boiling pot of witches stew where your mind, body and soul becomes the brew. Fear held within, bewildered and confused can be the makings of an early grave. Pull your strength from deep within, run away from the weak and become the brave.

    Mental illness, that abominable scar infects the world no matter where you are. You Can not help the arrogant glued, they’ll frustrate the hell out of you. Protect yourself from fostering such pain, you may be the innocent blanketed in the bluest rain. An empty shell with no ability to care will take you down when you stand unaware.... more »

  • Walk Qway

    Yesterday I observed a man I thought to be under a lot of stress and was suffering due to such. He continually wiped his brow, licked his lips and eyes seemed to droop. At the same time I realized he might be emotional due to the circumstances, after all this was a situation he wanted for a vey long time.... more »

  • Walk The Narrow Road

    Walk the narrow road that leads to Heavens gate.
    Take the hand of an Angel, place your name on the plate.
    The door will open wide and all who deserves a place,
    will find themselves in paradise living in God’s grace.... more »

  • Walking Along The Beach In Nova Scotia

    Walking Along The Beach In Nova Scotia
    Walking barefoot in the sand
    on a quiet Sunday morning
    at peace with natures surroundings.... more »

  • Walking To My Death

    Walking To My Death
    I held the truth, deep in my soul,
    my addiction, I thought was just
    a game. I flooded my mind with... more »