• Water Nymph (Fantasy Poem)

    Water Nymph come swim with me,
    in the deepest valleys of the sea.
    Swim through the eddies,
    flirt with the sea ladies.... more »

  • We Are Herein The Now

    We Are Here In The Now

    We are inoculated by the joy of our phenomenal universe, blessed by its manifestations, surrounded with an abundance of gifts. Held in awe with the intoxication of music and song. The magnificent imagery and the marvel of its revelations, all embraced by luminous beaming of light each day.... more »

  • We Never Forget Them

    Our family pet wasn't really considered a pet, we thought of
    her as a family member. She was a beautiful white poodle full
    of love. she was an elegant little lady and she knew it.... more »

  • We Stand With Them (For Our Veterans)

    November fumed with poppies here,
    remember Veterans everywhere.
    Why O why must we wait so long
    to give tribute in word and song.... more »

  • We Will Survive

    A country as rich as ours,
    must stand guard as we pray.
    For there are those who would love,
    to take that freedom away.... more »

  • Welcome Our Refugees

    ... more »

  • Welcome To Paradise

    Thou shalt not die, this truth I know, for he who
    maketh me wilt not de neigh, my life is eternal, my
    bliss to come. Fear not this wrath upon earths doom,
    thou wilt not rest in the depth of a tomb.... more »

  • What Is Love

    Love is a precious and most beautiful emotion, which flows like a rivers stream, through
    endless tunnels of hopes and dreams. A picturesque view of a sunset new capturing
    our hearts once stained with blue.... more »

  • What Man Is This

    Twas a night of bleeding hell,
    when soldiers stood their ground.
    They headed him with deadly thorns,
    and mocked it as his crown.... more »

  • What's On The Road Ahead

    Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, wishing you all a beautiful and Blessed day. You know many of you might be encountering some tough times, lost a love one, a husband or wife walked away from you, having problems with your children or you just can't seem to make ends meet. Well know first of all that you're not alone. Also realize that life changes and often when you least expect it. I know you've heard this before, 'You never know whats on the road ahead. That is so true, there may be something great waiting just for you.

    We've talked about failure leading to success, that happens over and over again. We can look back at some great people and read about the darkness they encountered in their lives, yet those people never gave up, they kept forging ahead, taking that slow and steady step forth. Knowing that alone tells us that history repeats itself. The fact is, it doesn't happen only in the lives of great people, people who have made their mark in society, people who are shining at the helm, people who have become famous. It can happen to everybody, it can happen to you and that's what it's all about. It's about you knowing what you want, knowing that you have the tenacity to keep on moving forward no matter what obstacles try to stop you. All you have to do is not let 'YOU' stop you. Voices of jealous people, voices of people who stand in fear of you, voices of the insecure will always try to place that block in front of you, will add that negative note, tell you your foolish and what you are aiming for can't be done.... more »

  • When Death Comes

    When Death Comes

    Upon this earth, life's struggle is harsh,
    the waters are murky and bathed in pain.... more »

  • When Love Comes Softly

    When love comes softly and the rainbow cradles the open sea,
    I look to the sky and find your face lovingly, looking at me.

    When love comes softly and the whisper of the willow trees flow,... more »

  • When Visitors Came

    The land was vast, barren yet beautiful in
    it’s own right. An old farmer trudged
    by every morning enjoying his cigarette
    and gazing upon the land with a strained... more »

  • Where Are My Aboriginal Sisters

    To all who pull triggers, as fun and games O let me
    give you a few of our fallen victims names. In Canada,
    Marlene Bird fought the demon in a Walmart parking lot,
    she lost her face, burnt from the waist down, her legs,... more »

  • Whispering Pleasures Of Sky And Sea (I'M In A Mellow Mood This Evening And This Is What Is Coming Forth)

    Pleasuring myself in God's peaceful light,
    Dangling my feet in the warmth of the white sand.
    Enjoying the feel of the noon baked sun,
    Dazzled by the lustre of natural stone.... more »

  • Whispers

    You can't lay it on a slab for me
    bold and harsh
    I see it in the back of my mind
    I hear it when the old story teller speaks... more »

  • Who Am I

    I'am who I'am,

    jaundice of the mind might creatively visit me.
    Perhaps I'll never learn to pray like you... more »

  • Who Are They

    They are the stars that shine bright when the sun is down.
    They light up a room where darkness is found.

    They heal inward wounds with a gentle touch.... more »

  • Who Are We

    Far beyond the narrow band of our consciousness, one may
    interpret the tintinnabulation of bells with the spiritual oncoming
    of Angels.... more »

  • Who Wins The Battle

    Some may contemplate life at a pivotal time in a reflectory
    or echoed halls. Souls silently call for help after the deepest
    fall. Bemused by the manisfestation of religion which lays
    its burden on humanity. Let it be told bold and clear only... more »

  • Who? ? ? ? ?

    Who is this person who seeks my eye
    through broken tainted glass.
    What has he done to come unsung
    though long ago has passed.... more »

  • Wild Meat

    Frog, snake, bat and rat,
    don't tell me I've eaten all that.
    O heck! horse meat, pigs feet,
    lamb and cow. Hey sweet cakes... more »

  • Will You? ? ? ?

    Will you love me when I’m old and gray
    and can barely hear a word you say.... more »

  • Winter Butterflies

    Butterflies fly on a winters morn
    how beautiful a time to be born.
    Disguised as royal snowflakes.
    Welcoming the coldest days they wake,... more »

  • Wisdom's Feast

    O maiden sweet as honey God’s gift certainly brings,
    to the vineyards of plenty only the privileged sings
    and Queens who sit jubilant upon earthly thrones
    carry little less than value as do the proudest drones.... more »