• (683) Love (Acrostic) No.4

    Love lives in the night sky.

    Opening it’s arms, caressing you and I.... more »

  • (684) Love (Acrostic) No.5

    Love creates a sensual stream, intensifying all romantic dreams.
    Over picturesque landscapes, hills and mountains high.
    Victoriously seen through a keen mind's eye.
    Every electrifying moment captured inside.... more »

  • (686) When Death Comes Knocking

    When death comes knocking and calls your name.
    It’s inevitable, life will not be the same.
    No amount of fighting will keep you on this earth.... more »

  • (687) Time For Chicken Soup

    I heard you were feeling poorly,
    now that just won’t do.
    A little bird also told me,
    you won’t eat your chicken soup.... more »

  • (689) You Can'T Touch Me

    You Can’t Touch Me

    You can’t touch me
    I have the strength of dolphins soaring o’re the sea... more »

  • (690) In The Beginning

    In the beginning

    In the beginning,
    there was you and I.... more »

  • (691) Thinking Of You

    Through sunsets,
    summer skies of blue.
    My thoughts are filled... more »

  • (692) Thoughts Of You

    I sing the blues when no else will listen
    Call to the skys while the morning dew on window sills glisten
    Sad as I may be, my heart is still on fire
    For thoughts of you creates an innermost desire.... more »

  • (694) Thinking Straight, An Impossible Task

    Fever burns the inner sanctum of the brain,
    allowing an enormous strain among
    the nerves within. To creep among the
    vessels of ceremonious culture,... more »

  • (695) Teach Us Father

    Dear Lord in heaven, this has been a very interesting week, still so much to learn and so much to be forgiven for. Although Lord verbally we have not offended anyone but inwardly sometimes we have feelings of jealousy or envy. These feelings truly are negative feelings and need to be dealt with. Today Lord I pray that you rid our minds of such thoughts and replace those thoughts with grateful thoughts. Show us how to look at things in a different light, to see what is important and not to focus on the material things in life but to realize that we were all given gifts and those gifts are to be treasured, respected and shared with others.

    Father when others copy us, let us realize that this is a compliment, which shows that we have the ability to set the trend, to take the lead and to move forward allowing others to follow and create a much brighter environment.
    Father when others speak badly of us because they are feeling jealous of us, teach us not to react in a negative manner but to continue to hold on to the positive not allowing such words to hurt us. Hold our hands a little tighter Lord.... more »

  • (696) The Entertainer

    He sang with a smooth sensuous voice.
    Beautiful ladies loved his music of choice.
    As he sung, to a quiet, mesmerized audience,
    his eyes shone and put forth great passion.... more »

  • (698) Stand Tall, Proud And Praise His Name

    Let us stand tall, look to the North, South, East and West
    savor the view and thank God for being able too.
    Let us give thanks to God for his loving Son Jesus and... more »

  • (699) Sing Me A Song

    Sing me a song of glory,
    tell me an old fashioned story.
    Sing of hard times, sad times true,... more »

  • (700) I Had A Dream

    I had a dream, a pleasant dream,
    of a place filled with lush green grass.
    A place with crystal running falls,
    with trees and mountains so very tall.... more »

  • (710) Man Of God

    Singled out by Love and Glory
    Attuned by they’re King and his Story
    Interested in painting a beautiful picture
    Naturally living a life of blessings true... more »

  • (711) In Mysterious Ways

    Oh the full moon shone bright that night.
    when all I could see was a silhouette in sight.
    I stared and glared to make some sense,
    of the darkness slowly approaching the old picket fence.... more »

  • (702) Poemhunters A Family Needs Your Prayers

    Father today I come to you with a heavy heart, a heart that is saddened and crying out for your help. Father this week a family is in great pain, for they have lost a loved one in such a brutal way. A hard working woman of 40 years old, walking home from work, minding her own business, but she didn’t make it Lord. No my Father, she didn’t make it, she was followed, beaten, raped and murdered. A mother of 5 sons, working hard to save money to send to the Philipines for her sons and husband to come to Canada to live a better life. Oh Father, now she ‘s not here any longer, taken by a ruthless, heartless killer.
    I’m told Father that I should pray for this killer, forgive me my King, this I can not do. Maybe another time perhaps, another day when I can think clearly. Today I focus my prayers on the deceased woman and her precious family.
    The pain will be heavy and hard to deal with but with your help Father anything is possible. Please Lord put the blood of Jesus over them and give them the strength they need to move forward. Father over these next few days and weeks, their eyes will fill with tears, their minds filled with questions asking why did this happen. Only you can pull them through Lord, only you have the answers, only you can soothe them and give them your heavenly love.
    Father the perpetrator beat this poor lady so bad, that the family couldn’t indentify her so it would definitely appear that she suffered tremendously. Father I want to believe that you took her to be with you long before the brutal blows were landed, that she was already sitting by your side.... more »

  • (703) Poison Me White

    We see difference,
    we see hate.
    Go to school, discriminate.
    Fight the enemy, hide the scars.... more »

  • (704) My Master-My King-My Father

    Master of truth, destroyer of pain,
    You have the power to give health back again.
    Here me Master, cover me with your love.
    Send your blessings from high up above.... more »

  • (707) Living Our Truth

    We are the perfect couple to the outside world,
    with precious children, a boy and a girl.
    A white picket fence surrounds our home,
    our thoughts wander, our eyes roam.... more »

  • (708) Joy Of Christmas

    Christmas, a joyful time of year.
    Fun-filled days, lots of holiday cheer.
    Children all over the world, year after year,
    Wait for this special day in the hopes... more »

  • (709) No More Red Wine

    Standing together three natives of our land.
    Rugged faces gnarled crippled hands.
    Sharing a bottle of water it appears.
    knocked down by society, so many years.... more »

  • (712) Images Of You

    To pine is pain of a fragile heart,
    where whispers lie in a sad place.
    I try to think of bright, sunny days
    and place you still on a happy face.... more »

  • (714) Happy Valentine's Day-Poemhunter's

    Happy Valentine's Day to you all.
    Hope you have a bright and enjoyable day.
    Flowers to all, pink, red, fushia and yellow,
    be happy with your pretty girls and handsome fellows.... more »

  • (715) Father-You Are My All

    Dear Lord in Heaven, I hear your voice in the sounds of the falling rain.
    I feel you Lord when the warm winds touch my face
    I see you when I look at the stars high in the sky.
    When no one else is near me Lord, I know you are standing by.... more »