Melvina Germain Quotes

Compassion, empathy, humility all stand together, and serve us well in the growth of wisdom.
Deep listening creates great understanding which leads us to the tree that shares the juice of wisdom.
Wisdom is the light that shines after the darkness has dissipated.
Fighting is a senseless altercation, a wise man simply walks away with no fear of incarceration. An M.G. Quote
No one can teach you wisdom, it comes from experience, from heartache, and pain, from ups and downs, from loss and gain. An M.G. Quote
Time is not a factor when it comes to wisdom. Wisdom is infinitely timeless. An M.G. Quote
Let the raindrops soothe a lonely soul and rainbows cover our soul...An M.G. Quote
A woman who truly loves you will stand by you through all your sorrow and pain, through darkness that pours like rain. She'll hold your hand, uplift your soul, soothe your heart as you quietly grow old. No she'll never leave you, this flower of light, in her heart, you're a phenomenal delight...An M.G. Quote.....
It's all about love.
Women have had to be much in this life, philosophers, psychologists, teachers, mothers, story tellers, singers and yes even a wife. We do it all because we can...An M.G. Quote.....
Teach your little girls what it means to be a woman. To be true to herself and know of her value in this world. Women stand on the right hand of God for they are the beings that Bless this world with precious lives.....
She realized she was a Queen, so when she fell through the cracks. She picked herself up and took her royal throne back...An M.G. Quote.....
We all make mistakes in this world, none of us are on that prefect pedestal. Know that when you fall, it's temporary.....