Melvina Germain Quotes

Exploring the mind and writing down all you find, is a windfall all the way...An M.G. Quote
Writing Quote
I'm pregnant with words and soon a new birth will take place.....
Writing Quote
When people see a change in you, it promotes change in them.....An M.G. Quote
Let the crumb of failure become the feast of success...An M.G. Quote
Solace is a place where peace is truly found. Within your soul retreated, hear a tranquil sound. A feather may be the brush that soothes upon your face. Feel the glory of God's Heavenly grace. An M.G. Quote
Don't look away, take a long deep look and see who truly loves you...Melvina
We've all come into this world the same way, through the womb of a woman. Let's show our deliverers some respect and cover them with love.
Love Women
Let me paint you with love and enjoy the look in your eyes.....
Peace stands together with happiness, kindness and love...An M.G. Quote
When you gamble on peace, you can't lose, it's a win, win situation...An M.G. Quote
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