Melvina Germain Quotes

The stench of jealousy stinks by day and night...An M.G. Quote
The jealous often finds themselves in solitude afraid to face the competition of a normal day...An M.G. Quote
When for success, try not to expect it on the first try, persistence is key...An M.G. Quote
It is said if there were no women, men would live like God's. Truth is if there were no women, men would not exist...An M.G. Quote.....
God's chanting breeze causes the lights to flicker, while the absence of such light creates shadows that dance among us...An M.G. Quote
Woe betide your wretched behavior, karma will dip into your sordid past.....An M.G. Quote
Give them wings, let them fly, if they don`t come back remember you won`t die...An M.G. Quote
Lost love
When old voices come back, they may sound good today but remember why you walked away...An M.G. Quote
Nothing is the fulfillment of what we create within, to see nothing is to see everything...An M.G. Quote.....
Madmen live in a delusional state with steam that comes from the rear, huffing and puffing making no sense as they kill everyone and everything on their path going nowhere yet fulfilled with a feeling of accomplishment...An M.G. Quote