• A Week And A Day

    It's been a week and a day
    And I've lived a lifetime since I last saw you
    Some days have been empty, some full
    But I've lived them all... more »

  • A Window Won'T Open

    This is as good as I get
    I have never felt more beautiful
    Than I did tonight
    If you don’t love me now... more »

  • Adrift

    I remain adrift,
    Floating in the waters of life.
    Alone, staring up into the milky
    Black darkness, speckled with gold... more »

  • Animals

    I watched the moon fall down in your eyes
    As the night gave way to morning
    I had to go yet you had me linger still
    Wanting to hold your nightingale... more »

  • Assembling The Pieces

    We let go of dark secrets
    They tumble out
    Of our mouths
    And bump along the subway track.... more »

  • But What Does Juliet Think?

    Romeo- I would die for you.
    Fingers tangled in tawny hair
    Reflecting the morning sun
    His head is heavy on my breast... more »

  • Differences

    I make love to you in this place out of time
    Where I am not scared of you discovering me beneath the skin
    We make ripples in the fabric of time as we explore and cry out
    Tearing down the walls of reality and fantasy... more »

  • Goddess Of Bedhead

    If I went to bed with you
    Would I find you a god in the morning
    Or the ghost of some late night regret?
    What would I be to you?... more »

  • Liar You Make Of Me

    Here we are again
    A year after we took leave of each other
    In the same bed
    Like time never changed our love, nor tore it asunder... more »

  • Openings

    I promised myself so many things
    I lied so well to myself
    But immediately
    Alone in your vicinity... more »

  • Peter Pan

    You are a constellation in my night sky
    Guiding me home
    Straight from the North Star
    Until morning... more »

  • Predator

    You have my heart in your hand
    I look down at the gaping hole in my chest as you
    Lick it
    Like a cat licks cream off... more »

  • Rabbit Hole

    I tumble into your heart,
    And lay sprawling, panting, catching my breath in this strange place,
    This exotic geography of lips and kisses and laughter
    I take a moment to look around, this place I've never been before, love.... more »

  • Sea Of Love

    Tides of this lust
    Sent crashing into bodies
    Into pools of sex
    Animals, demons, angels, fish... more »

  • Silence In The Moonlight

    Oh, still was the night I first saw you
    Quiet under the moon
    The silence was so utterly determined
    Not to whisper, dare it break first... more »

  • Sinking Sand

    My love is built upon the knowledge of you
    That I was so sure of
    Until that one moment
    When it all dissolved like a sand castle at high tide... more »

  • Time

    You gave me back time
    The one word I left to you
    When you went away
    What does this mean?... more »

  • Words

    I hear your voice
    And suddenly I want to lay down
    Close my eyes and wrap myself
    In the sure sweet words of... more »

  • Wrecked

    I am broken
    I am shades of darkness
    Filtered through your pain... more »