• Bliss

    Beautiful in your splendor
    Living with your assets in view
    Interesting secrets still hidden
    Riches in your touch and taste... more »

  • Empty Arms

    I need love all around me
    I feel it deep down in my soul
    I want it to surround me
    Before I get too old... more »

  • From A Dream To A Heart

    As I watch you sleeping
    Hair cascading over the pillow
    My eyes fill with tears
    Your the one I've dreamed of... more »

  • I Remember An Angel

    I remember an angel
    She cried in my sleep one night
    Her Voice was all broken
    Her spirit was in flight... more »

  • Love's Call

    Love's Call

    When love calls you.. follow
    Even when her ways are hard.. open... more »

  • My Turn

    My hurt, my pain, my suffering
    All brought to the fore
    Fears, so long hidden from view
    Tears, once so long dried up... more »

  • New Foundations

    The world gasped as it witnessed
    That evil act of terror and destruction
    All eyes wide in horror and disbelief
    Our minds racing, hearts feeling your pain... more »

  • Pale To Fade

    These things you say of beauty
    In truth it's spoke, not of her
    but of needs unsalted,... more »

  • The First Kiss

    Warning... it's contains just a little 'adult' content.... more »

  • Time Shared

    Our time together was so special
    Our time has been so cool
    From different walks of life
    With contrasting paths to tread... more »

  • Yesterday Is But A Memory

    If yesterday is but a memory
    And tomorrow is but a dream
    That makes today our reality
    But things are never what they seem... more »