micaela petrsosky Biography

i grew up, i guess you could say not that good of a home. in and out all the time were these drugies along with my parents. ever since i was born my brother would say i was doomed to have a drug life. which he was rigth. i was around it all my life then my parents all of the sudden they stoped. i got so use to the smell that i started to do it. i was only 12. i know i was way to young. by the time i was 13 i was a druggy just like my family and my bestfriend, my brother. at that time i began to cut myself to fight the pain that was inside of me from all those years i even contuplated killing myself. i did that until about a year ago when i was 15. noone new my secrets and for 2 years of keeping it in i finally came out, i told my brother that i was cutting myself i went to a mental hospital and got out a week before my 16th birthday